Term and Condition of Titasonlinemarket


        There are some rules for online e-commerce business and Blog. We are also covered by these rules and regulations. We are an advanced electronic business medium for buying and selling products online. In the current era of e-commerce, you don't have to go to the market to buy goods and services. When a product or service is selected by verifying online from the Internet, the goods and services are delivered directly to the recipient's address after the payment process is completed. In this case, the quality and value of the buyer or consumer's products and services are considered the most.

If you want to receive new or old products or services, you must first register on our online page. A person has to be registered by filling a certain form. The registration work has to be done with the necessary information like account name, address, phone number etc. in the form. Because without this process no one can make legal transactions digitally. Although this process may seem like a hassle for many but it is definitely safe!

Those who are registered users will definitely be able to enjoy more benefits than guest users or visitors. In addition, those who are small monopoly traders can also benefit by connecting their products and services through our company, i.e. by filling up the registration form, uploading it on the online web page and selling the product or providing the service.

Those who are sole proprietorship small traders or small capital traders often face various problems due to the pressure of the capital market due to lack of capital. These monopolistic small business owners can easily work with us. In this case, it is our responsibility to deliver your product and promotion to your desired customer through our website. There is a letter of consent which has been determined by some rules and regulations. If you want, you can check the license and if it seems reasonable, you may find the key to business success. Because in today's digital age, it is almost impossible to expand the business without online promotion. We say that online-digital marketing is better than TV, radio, newspapers. I believe that in order to increase your sales, you must use one or another internet online medium, whether your capital is less or more!

Product validity:

50% of new products and 50% of old products on our website. So there is a risk of some internal problems as there is a little more hassle in the old products and there is no specific means. That is why we are taking precaution against buying and selling all kinds of illegal products for extra security and hassle free.


Product delivery medium:

As a means of product delivery, we arrange for the delivery of locally purchased goods to the correct address via our own pickup van or via local vehicles. We use courier service in remote cities or rural village. In addition, anyone can transact and exchange goods / services directly from our office address.

If a person has any complaint after purchase of the product such as poor quality of the product or not getting the right product or any discrepancy in the quantity of the product, he/she can be subsidized by giving reasonable reasons or the product can be sent back to product for refund; The condition is that this process must be subject to investigation.