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Source of Invisible Energy / Power Featured

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 Source of Invisible Energy / Power


        Observing the sky, we perceive the once lofty blue now seemingly touching the ground. But what is the reality behind this illusion? Did the sky truly descend, or is this a mere trick of our eyes, a misconceived notion? In the scorching desert, the rippling hot sands may deceive us as water's waves, a mirage of reality. Countless such occurrences warp our perceptions astonishingly. Astonishing though it may be, it holds truth!

No matter how far we sprint, the sky remains aloft, and water eludes the desert. This is the tangible, the actual reality!

Yet, our vision deceives us. This serves as a different facet of truth. Vision is confined. Even when assuming comprehension without sight, it becomes falsehood.

Is there a link or disparity between these two truths, or is deceit also a form of truth? All in the world is genuine. As I exist, the world is factual. Absent my presence, the world becomes false. And if it is true that I was not, it is equally true that I shall cease. This eternal truth scribed and read!

People, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, planets, stars, light, air, earth, trees, water these are indisputable truths. Then exists the unreal yet somehow truthful! How does the unreal transcend into truth?

Can we disavow our bodies? Is it not factual that something intangible the mind-brain governs the body? Do we witness the mind-brain? Life signifies the correlation between body and mind, an alliance.

The intricate relationship between the mind and body is one of interdependence. Each relies entirely on the other; devoid of this union, they become ineffectual. Although science asserts uniform body structures among humans, vast differences delineate each individual one is entirely distinct from another. Even if appearances, behavior, or nature seem to align closely, no two people can truly mirror one another. This, too, stands as an eternal verity.

Contemporary science and religion affirm the uniqueness of each person's biometric fingerprint.

Does the human mind harbor the potential to elevate the body up Mount Everest, or plummet from 3000 feet to the earth's surface, unhindered by physical constraints? Can the human mind inscribe code into computer hardware circuits, execute dance, song, music, or convey information at the speed of light, spanning the globe without movement?

Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Earth encompass the forces of our world. Without any one of them, Earth remains inert. Similarly, the Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Skin, and Tongue constitute fundamental resources of the human body; their absence renders the body immobile. Beyond the visible prowess inherent in these material aspects, reside miraculous powers that elude comprehension love, emotions, thoughts, feelings, anger, lust, revenge, patience, restraint, forgiveness, ideals, integrity, honesty, spirituality, and more within the mind-brain.

Who birthed humanity? A profound inquiry reveals that man does not birth man; the creator of one is the creator of all an invisible, immortal force (Allah, God, Lord, Creator, understood by many names). The energy encapsulated within a person's brief existence, spanning birth to death, is immense. Even with boundless technology, humanity fails to create a single grain of sustenance (paddy-rice-wheat). Science posits the absence of destruction, only transformation in the world. Countless worlds, planets, and stars akin to Earth harmoniously revolve in a cosmic choreography existing in a mysterious process orchestrated by a unique superpower. This invisible, intangible source of immense power remains unfathomable to humanity and can only be embraced through faith and conjecture.


The connection between the mind and body, though often perceived as separate entities, functions in an intricately woven symbiosis. The mind, an unseen realm of emotions, thoughts, and intangible consciousness, is the architect behind every physical movement, sensation, and response exhibited by the body. In turn, the body, an intricate vessel composed of organs, tissues, and nerves, serves as the tangible manifestation of the mind's commands and expressions.


While science endeavors to unravel the complexities of human physiology and psychology, it merely scratches the surface of the enigmatic powers residing within the human framework. The mind, an ethereal landscape housing immeasurable emotions, desires, and faculties, governs actions that transcend the confines of physical limitations. It navigates the depths of imagination, creativity, and innovation, defying the boundaries of what is perceived as feasible by the corporeal body.


Moreover, the intricacies of human existence extend far beyond the tangible realm, delving into the realms of spirituality, morality, and existential contemplation. The essence of humanity transcends the mere physicality of life, encompassing intangible virtues like compassion, empathy, and love qualities that elude quantification yet define the very core of our being.


Furthermore, the mysterious origins of life and the universe, the awe-inspiring intricacies of nature's workings, and the unfathomable vastness of the cosmos provoke profound questions about the existence of an unseen, omnipotent force. This force, whether perceived through diverse cultural lenses as a divine being, an eternal energy, or an incomprehensible universal power, underscores the ineffable mysteries that humanity grapples with, offering both solace and intrigue in our pursuit of understanding the inexplicable.



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