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What The Creator Knows (Surely), His Creation Does Not Know! Featured

Written by Saroar Mamun
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      The singular Creator exists without intention, unparalleled and infinite in virtue and power. All manifestations in the world stem from this Creator, unseen amid visible entities. Every creature, from animals and trees to the vast sky, oceans, and air, stands as a testament to this great Creator. Each entity, knowingly or unknowingly, retains a connection to its Creator through body and soul.

Of all beings, humans reign supreme, cherished as the most beloved creation. This world, with its exquisite beauty, is crafted for humanity's journey an existence transcending even the afterlife. Reluctant to depart such a stunning realm, people eschew the allure of heaven. The Creator fashioned humans akin to agricultural crops just as a plant, sprouting from a seed, matures and bears fruit before naturally withering, humans traverse from birth to death, nurturing the soul until departure from the body, akin to shedding the husk of a crop. A marvel of destiny's intricate play!


A vast majority disbelieve in the Creator due to invisibility, deeming belief in the Guru's words preposterous without visible proof. However, this skepticism stems from ignorance and lacks profundity. Only the naive allow such ignorance to sow seeds of disbelief. Top of Form the celestial bodies planets, stars, the sun's rhythm, tides, the cycle of day and night, the shifts from morning to afternoon, and the transitions between winter and summer all dutifully adhere to an ordained order. Does this truth resonate so deeply?


The Creator bestowed humanity with consciousness and knowledge. "Seek, and you shall find," echoes within me. A life enriched and blessed emerges from discovering this truth. True seeking leads to the Creator's presence, blessing those who genuinely receive it. It's not merely about seeking the visible; understanding demands depth. This journey necessitates the Creator's guidance his kindness is capable of everything.


At the Creator's will, existence materializes. Every leaf sprouts only by His decree. The sunrise unfailingly in the east, the moon never basking in the sun's light these cosmic phenomena convey reverence towards the great Creator, their language understood through observance and knowledge. Beyond Earth's solar system lies countless worlds, the Milky Way, galaxies, universes, and multiverses, realms inconceivable to the human mind. Limited by perception, the human eye perceives only what's within its scope, veiled from comprehending vastness. Despite consciousness, understanding this grand universe remains beyond our reach. Man lacks the ability to create even a minuscule atom, and is solely able to manipulate and share existing materials—the Creator's supremacy is evident.


Who can craft such a colossal universe? Its vastness is immeasurable. "O Lord, none save you can guide me," pleads this feeble understanding, craving forgiveness for its limitations.

Undoubtedly, what the Creator comprehends, His creation remains oblivious to! There exists none but the Creator. O my Creator, in you alone do I seek refuge. Pardon my inadequacies and my belated grasp of your signs. Illuminate your righteous path for me. Who else desires my altruistic deeds but you? If it be your will, guide me along the righteous path; prevent my transgressions if you will it. Without Your consent, salvation eludes me. I implore forgiveness, O merciful entity, from the illusions of your created world. My ignorance persists, failing to acknowledge you and adhere to the path of human spirituality. O wise one, if not you, then whom shall I entreat? Who else but you nurtures me in my mother's womb under the relentless sun? Is there a refuge other than fearing the omnipotent Creator, who formed me from naught and will return me to naught? How vast, how supreme is he! O magnificent Creator, grant me tranquility and insight to discern between good and evil. May I, as a human, be pure in mind and body, comprehending the essence of your creation's purpose?


What the Creator knows surely surpasses the comprehension of His creation. This adage reverberates through the corridors of spirituality and philosophy, encapsulating the essence of an omnipotent force's awareness transcending mortal understanding. The Creator, veiled in unfathomable wisdom and boundless insight, exists beyond the grasp of human cognition. His omniscience extends to every nuance of existence, from the grandeur of cosmic systems to the minutiae of each soul's journey. What he comprehends traverses realms unknown, encompassing the intricacies of creation's fabric.


Amidst this enigma lies a fundamental truth: the Creator's wisdom surpasses mortal intellect. His omniscience orchestrates the cosmic dance of celestial bodies, the symphony of nature's cycles, and the intricate tapestry of life's myriad forms. Contrarily, His creation mired in the confines of finite comprehension navigates the labyrinth of existence with limited perception. Humanity, amidst its pursuit of knowledge and understanding, grapples with the insurmountable chasm between mortal insight and divine omniscience.


The Creator's cognizance spans beyond time and space, delving into the unseen dimensions of existence. His profound awareness guides the cosmic ballet, steering the celestial orbs, orchestrating the rhythm of the seasons, and permeating the essence of every living entity.

Despite humanity's relentless quest for enlightenment, the Creator's wisdom remains an elusive horizon. His knowledge transcends the realms of empirical understanding, dwelling in the realm of the ineffable, where the finite meets the infinite.


This intrinsic disparity between the knowledge of the Creator and His creation invokes humility, evoking a profound sense of awe and reverence. It beckons the human spirit to seek, explore, and acknowledge the limits of mortal comprehension in the presence of the boundless wisdom of the Creator.


 To be not to be...                                                                                              


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