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Computer Security Basic Questions (User) Featured

Written by Saroar Mamun
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  • Am I acquainted with my PC's given name?
  • Have I memorized the unique identifier of my hard disk?
  • Can my computer access and interpret HTML pages from various servers across the present Internet?
  • Do I employ an antivirus program, and if so, am I aware of its specific name?
  • Is the security of my operating system assured?
  • What portion of my OS remains resilient against potential virus incursions?
  • Have I fortified my PC with a secure password? In the event of a forgotten password, do I possess the means to retrieve it?
  • Have I meticulously safeguarded all my crucial passwords in a secure repository?
  • Should an accident occur, do I possess a strategy to recover diverse data formats stored on my PC?
  • Can I personalize the login credentials on my device?
  • Am I knowledgeable about the possibilities inherent in my operating system?
  • Can I efficiently eliminate routine PC clutter and unnecessary programs at the conclusion of my daily activities?
  • Am I proficient in configuring vital Internet settings using my operating system?
  • Do I rely on an up-to-date antivirus solution or is my antivirus software outdated?
  • Am I well-versed in the functionality of antivirus software?
  • Have I stored sensitive information on my PC without antivirus protection?
  • Should I opt for commercial or open-source operating system software?
  • Do I possess full control over my operating system?
  • Can I discern if someone attempts unauthorized access to my PC while I'm online?
  • Can I establish a network connection with another PC for collaborative data-sharing purposes?
  • How can I detect unauthorized physical access to my PC?
  • Is it possible to access my PC from a mobile device?
  • Can I effortlessly transfer and synchronize data between my office and home PCs without complications?
  • Can I thwart unjust cyber-attacks on my PC?
  • Can I effectively safeguard all data, including passwords and user permissions?
  • Is it judicious and secure to conduct financial transactions on my PC?
  • Do I possess the requisite knowledge to execute commands, ensuring the health, safety, and optimal performance of my PC?
  • Can I ensure security and comfort by customizing my chosen operating system?
  • Am I capable of customizing and effectively utilizing my antivirus software?


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