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People Should Have Spiritual Knowledge Featured

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         Humans are inherently driven to seek their Creator, each perceiving this pursuit in their unique understanding. Yet, alas, the human race grapples with an insurmountable impossibility! Oh, the agony! Within one's dissatisfaction and deprivation lies the enigma of a wondrous creation! Even the wisest sages, monks, scientists, or religious devotees find themselves disheartened and perturbed by this truth. Despite a lifetime devoted to meditation, knowledge acquisition, and accumulating data, all efforts seem futile when the topic turns to the Creator.


The limitations of human capability manifest prominently when exploring the mystery of life's origin. It's an irrefutable scientific fact that nine remains incomplete. Human wisdom often misleads, taking time to acknowledge the confines of knowledge. There exists a transparent veil of elusive fog, obscuring a certain area beyond comprehension. Herein lies the irony: one may consider themselves the most Intelligent, yet they remain utterly perplexed. 


The concept of the Five Senses (Panch Indriya) encompasses the amalgamation of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch - the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, and tongue. However, there exists a sixth sense that governs and controls these five the mind, a conglomeration of invisible senses. Like a chest's handle, this invisible sense holds sway over the others. The five senses lose their value without the sixth. Interpretations of the sixth sense vary: it could be perceived as mere feeling, the mind, the brain, life, or even the self. People across all religions adhere to various beliefs. Even those who don't associate with any religion acknowledge the existence of a Creator, a belief once embraced universally.


Even the most intellectually astute individuals, despite refuting the existence of a creator, harbor a sense that something profound exists, perhaps beyond the realm of visible perception. Otherwise, in the world's vastness, human beings amount to insignificance! The enormity of the world, encompassing trees, plants, soil, the expansive oceans, the boundless sky, and the towering mountains, defies the capacity of human creation or control. Human limitations are apparent in their inability to halt the inevitable process of aging.


Despite acknowledging these limitations, certain individuals consciously sever the spiritual connection with the Creator, relying solely on their rationale and wisdom. They momentarily entertain the illusion of eternal life, believing that the world will persist unchanged, only to face decay in sudden death. It's a poignant revelation...


Alas, those who fail to realize that human existence holds purpose, remain oblivious to self-understanding. Imagine the divergence in their thinking if their circumstance or essence changed, transforming them into a woman, a devil, a domesticated animal, or even a tree entity also possessing life. This extends beyond humans; there exist categories among devils and jins extroverted, evolved, and ambivert.


Humans are visible creations on Earth for all to see, whereas entities like Satan, Angels, and Jinn aren't visible creations. However, humans are observable by all other creatures; although very few are fortunate enough to witness them. Jins, Angels, and Souls observe humans, but humans don't observe them envied and regretted by those who witness humans. They yearn for the free life humans possess an opportunity that comes but once, without the chance of return or perpetual existence in this world.


Within all religions, parents hold an esteemed position, yet contemplating this notion reveals that parents themselves also have parents, further emphasizing the interconnectedness of human existence. The inception of human groups, tribes, and races mirrors a uniform origin, prompting contemplation on how such a vast community emerged from single-celled aquatic life forms without intervention. If nature's evolutionary forces hold sway, does this transformation occur naturally or merely by chance?


While nature's dominance is often upheld, it too remains subject to the passage of time. All aspects of existence, from the natural world to the cosmic universe, from the brilliance of the sky to the depths of darkness, serve a purpose for humanity's benefit.


Each individual must reckon with their life's actions every word, deed, and thought accounts for a life lived. Earth serves as a crucible for human trials, where life is a test, and death serves as an exit from this examination hall, marking the onset of true existence. The souls of humans, originating hundreds or thousands of years ago, eventually return to their origin after death, transcending worldly boundaries. Ultimately, human existence strives toward goodness, yet harbors the dichotomy of good and evil, much like the dual forces of Satan and the inherent male and female aspects within individuals.


 Evil resides within the psyche of every rational individual, constantly engaging in a struggle between good and bad, like a perpetual shadow boxing match. Satan's role is to corrupt the good, while it is the responsibility of the virtuous to seek out goodness. Each person bears the obligation to discern the greater power between good and evil, diving deep into introspection and analysis from their conscious being. This pursuit demands meditation, knowledge, wisdom, and dedicated solitary practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, ESP, quantum contemplation, and religious rituals.


Contemplate where people find respite during sleep and how vitality rejuvenates upon waking. Understanding this essence becomes crucial. The implications would be profound if the ego were to depart from the body. Even a brief cessation of breath for three minutes, akin to suffocation, evokes a sense of mortality.


Despite being a part of nature's embrace and its automatic control over life's events, our lineage traces back through our parents, grandparents, and beyond. As humans, we cannot assert dominion over others. Essentially, individuals are solitary beings. A lone man holds little significance in the world and is comparatively weaker than a woman. However, unity between the two is imperative until the span of life and youth. Both men and women enter and leave this world alone. Though partial, solitude is not complete in itself.


Collectively, all humans in the world men and women contain an extraordinary power, an invisible yet profoundly evident force ingrained within nature. This cosmic force, incomparable in its vastness and intricacy, extends far beyond our understanding of matter, nuclei, electrons, protons, or electromagnetic waves, into minute dimensions like millionths, billionths, trillionths, and beyond.


Ultimately, comprehending the Creator's purpose, overseeing nature, the solar system, galaxies, black holes, the Big Bang, the Milky Way, dark matter, and particles requires conscious spiritual communication, facilitated through the profound application of the Sixth Sense, which holds an irreplaceable role in connecting with divine resources, devoid of any alternatives. 


   ( to be continue…)


Article by: Saroar Mamun

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