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How to Determine Visiting Card/Business Card Size in Photoshop? Featured

Written by Saroar Mamun
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        First open Photoshop. Get new document. Give the size of the new document in inches, length = 3.5, width = 2 and select the color mode CMYK mode and finally give the resolution 300 pixels. Give it to him.

Click view > Ruler (Control+R) from the top menu. The ruler scale will appear after the menu bar. Then drag the ruler around the white area and release.

Now click on the Image menu from the top menu (Control+C). Click on the Canvas Size option.


In the Canvas dialog box, first check the Relative checkbox if it is unchecked to get equal mean bleed area from fourpass. Since it is equal from all sides, it means that the bleed portion has to be determined, so the length and width will be the same, 0.25 and I will do it. Then the part of the extra 0.25 size that we can see, just like before, I will draw the ruler scale and set four around it.


After determining the bleed area, now the task is to determine another area of ​​0.25 which is called the print area. The print area will also be the same size. For this, we will select the Rectangle Marquee Tool from the left pass toolbar Control + M. Then drag the Marquee Tool at the edge of the small rectangle created by the double ruler to create a selection rectangle area of ​​the same size. Press Control + Plus to zoom in and enlarge if necessary. take a look


Now select the selection rectangle area with the move tool, drag it downwards and place the corner inwards and set it to the place of the print area. Now it's time to pull the ruler.


Just look and set the rulers as nicely as before. The bleed, print and design area of ​​your visiting card is now ready. Now design as desired. In fact, your work will now be considered very professional.


Now we will look at the size of the rounded visiting card. Select the Rectangle tool from the left-hand menu. Then drag and select our 3.50 whole rectangle. We will see that a new layer has been created in the layer option.


Then select the Rounded Rectangle tool again and customize from the top tool menu, such as Radium 30 pixels, select Excluded Overlapping from the Path Operation tool, turn off Stoke Color and fill it with any desired color.


Now, except 0.25 part of the first ruler, I will make a rounded shape below that part.


Finally, in the same way, just turn off the fill color and select the stoke color to draw another rounded rectangle shape. This is the die cut for our rounded business card.








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