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Why are Freelancers Unsuccessful? Featured

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Unsuccessfull Freelancer


        Today, even the youngest generation, clad in shorts and equipped with mobile phones, grasp the essence of freelancing. Freelancing represents an independent approach to work without formal contractual ties, forming a vital aspect of outsourcing. Comprehending one concept invariably leads to an understanding of the other.

Misconceptions prevail, suggesting that freelancing is solely reserved for the exceptionally talented or intelligent. However, the truth diverges: anyone excelling academically or otherwise, like those consistently ranked in the top ten of their class, can venture into freelancing. Others, unfortunately, might find it challenging to adopt this profession and may opt for alternative careers like being compelled into traditional professions such as garment workers or grocers. Embracing freelancing, outsourcing, or technology-related roles demands a savvy and modern approach.

Recently, many bankers displayed unfamiliarity with the term "freelancer," expressing surprise, "Is this considered a profession?"

Presently, anecdotes circulate about humanities graduates pursuing online computer programming and earning a substantial income, shattering the misconception that this field isn't lucrative. Moreover, stories abound of girls earning decent sums from the comfort of their homes through freelancing and outsourcing.

Yet, confusion shrouds this free profession illusion, creating a hazy, enigmatic atmosphere. The pursuit of proper training to excel in freelancing leaves newcomers with countless unanswered questions, leading to frustration, hopelessness, and a sense of failure. Consequently, some yearn to abandon this profession altogether.

At times, life's circumstances compel individuals to pursue professions against their preferences. In less developed nations, freelancing equates to earning dollars online without the obligation to master programming. Conversely, in technologically advanced countries, those capable of delivering quality work on time are deemed outsourcers, irrespective of inherent talent or formal qualifications. This practice spans across diverse individuals some artisans, some artists where the artist's essence surpasses that of a mere craftsman.


  • Freelancing imparts essential principles for success:
  • Embracing a mindset that thrives on starting anew, fostering humanity.
  • Leveraging essential tools for effective communication.
  • Cultivating a continuous hunger for learning.
  • Amplifying social interaction.
  • Resolving challenges with enduring patience and determination.
  • Prioritizing data backup.
  • Consistent practice and upkeep.
  • Crafting a solid business plan rather than indefinitely freelancing.
  • Understanding the value of financial reserves in preventing major missteps.
  • Striving for a 99% proficiency in computer and mobile technology.
  • Maintaining a clear understanding of financial transactions.
  • Employing cutting-edge technology for project protection.
  • Embracing self-teaching without reliance on external sources.
  • Proficient time management.
  • Committing to finish-initiated tasks.
  • Honesty and accountability.
  • Learning from failure and avoiding repetition of errors.
  • Shunning imitation or duplication.
  • Sustaining a dedicated work ethic for retaining humanity.
  • Harnessing the potency of imagination over sheer willpower.
  • Finding joy and value in even the smallest tasks.
  • Enhancing work productivity for accelerated growth.
  • Envisioning potential outcomes before commencing tasks.
  • Acknowledging and addressing identified work limitations promptly.
  • Strategically setting short-term, long-term, and lifelong goals.
  • Balancing the pursuit of learning and earning.
  • Advising against switching topics until complete mastery is achieved.


Some Reasons for Freelancing Career Failure


  • Succumb to frustration and abandon efforts.
  • Insufficient or lacking technical communication equipment.
  • Limited linguistic aptitude or competence.
  • Inadequate knowledge of financial transactions, including currencies, cryptocurrencies, banking systems, mobile and e-commerce, and SSL gateways.
  • Deficiency in effective planning or the inability to plan adequately.
  • Engaging with singular interests, ultimately failing to achieve mastery in any subject.
  • Unawareness of the International Global Timetable.
  • Inability to produce high-quality work output.
  • Enduring sleepless nights or physical and mental health deterioration due to overwork.
  • Getting lost in the vastness of the internet and losing direction.
  • Engaging in purposeless tasks without prioritizing essential ones.
  • Failing to act appropriately at the opportune moment.
  • Lack of honesty and accountability regarding responsibilities.
  • Fearfulness or reluctance to engage in work.
  • Embracing failure without attempting multiple times, assuming personal incapability.
  • Struggling to address ethical and technical issues for extended periods.
  • Inability to identify high-demand subjects for work or learning.
  • Absence of a guiding framework or mentorship.
  • Lacking teamwork skills, preferring solitary work over collaborative efforts.
  • Dismissing the misconception that full-time learning precedes freelancing.
  • Assuming limited prospects in computer programming due to a non-science background.
  • Hesitation or fear in maintaining communication with buyers or clients.


What Lifestyle & Qualities do Freelancers Need?


Freelancers epitomize independence, driven by personal and job autonomy, seizing opportunities to showcase their expertise, skills, and creative output. Their choice of a freelance career often merges with technology, distinct from regular employment or business due to fewer obligatory constraints.

Typically, freelancers engage in technical tasks, predominantly centered around computer and mobile-related domains:

  • Coding
  • Programming
  • Designing
  • Data Collection (Data Entry)
  • Web Page or Website Design
  • Article Writing (Content Creation)
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing Graphics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Characteristically, being a freelancer requires more than just skill it necessitates integrity and humility. While hackers might possess coding skills, they don't embody the essence of freelancing. Hacking, inherently destructive, contrasts with programming, which aims to benefit people. The core principle for freelancers remains to prioritize goodness.

Amidst long hours spent immersed in computers, mobile devices, and the internet, freelancers often overlook their health, risking illness due to irregular eating habits and nocturnal schedules. Balancing a consistent routine, including regular meals and hydration, is key to sustaining a healthy freelancing lifestyle.

The realm of freelancing demands wholehearted dedication. While many aspire to become freelancers, success hinges on the ability to initiate and complete tasks both in work and in learning. Achieving even the smallest task with utmost proficiency secures one's standing in the freelancing sphere, paving the way for uninterrupted earnings.



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