First, I thank my great creator, then I acknowledge my parents and also my family, and then I thank my readers and viewers, brothers and friends, with whose help I have reached this stage today.
I am a normal person who wants to live normally. I don't fear death but want to enjoy it. I believe that the great creator has sent me to earth for a purpose. My goal is to find out for that purpose!
I wanted to do many things in life. But it was not possible in this one life. You are an optimist, God is helping me even though it is late....and I always strive to understand His will. Some services for human welfare
I want to give it but I don't know if it will be permanent. Let's follow the sages who have selflessly endured suffering and sacrifice in their lives for the welfare of mankind and become immortal!
There are many barriers to good work. It is not enough to say that all the obstacles that I face while doing every job. No one can explain the pain or the pain that I have failed hundreds of times. But I know that behind every creation there is intense pain. So I am not
Let's endure in silence to do something good.
I got introduced to computer technology the hard way. To say that I had to come to this profession as the responsibility of life and livelihood, but I had to endure additional hardships while matching it with my age and era. Which is almost impossible to express in words. 15 years later today
I have to follow him. There is a will but there is no way. For example, while running the family, learning computer programming language is not complete. But I try....repeatedly pushed away by the pressure of reality, I come back and stick to coding, I have no mentor or teacher, no institutional certificate on computers!
Finally, thanks again to those who have taken the trouble to stay online with me and wish me well.