Term and Condition of Titasonlinemarket


Titas Online Market” is an E-commerce website platform and Blog. It is designed to meet the online needs of the local market and online community. It is possible to buy and sell both new and old products here. There are also certain services.

Our products and services are collected and marketed locally. Anyone can order or order our products online. However, we have some limitations due to which it is not possible for us to distribute services or products in all regions right now.

Buying and selling products and services through online use is an age-appropriate business. So the demand for this use is constantly coming out. Our “Titas Online Market” is playing a significant role in that competitive market and working for the welfare of the people to move the family, society and nation forward. We hope that in the near future, like other successful e-commerce websites in Bangladesh, we will be able to play a significant leading role in building a digital Bangladesh.

Origin of Titas Online Market: The main reason behind our entry into the online digital marketplace is the opportunity to buy and sell goods and services from far and wide through the Internet in the current era to the consumer. We consider it a profession that is up-to-date and up-to-date. Although we still have some shortcomings in our financial and skilled manpower, we are very optimistic. Since then, it has only worked in various ways so that it can be launched by 2021. We are still working on the development of the website. Don't force even the people of our country to be able to order products or services from their mobile phones at home with 100% satisfaction security!!












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