21 “Sticks of Wisdom”


  1. Localize the present and be grateful for the past.
  2. It is better to donate Rs 1 than to hold Rs 100.
  3. Saving money is better than making money.
  4. Better to earn 1000/-Rs to find a good side.
  5. Sorrow is the dowry of redemption. Sadness that moves from darkness to light.
  6. If you are hungry, Rice with solt also fills your stomach with fun.
  7. Sin is the product of ignorance. Virtue, like sin, must be kept secret.
  8. Will bring you happiness.
  9. It is better to keep distance from strong neighbors.
  10. It is better not to sin than to repent bitterly.
  11. When confidence creeps in, worry runs away.
  12. Fighting against fear is all about fighting against humanity.
  13. Communication and goodness is the ladder to the top.
  14. There are no rules or paths to success.
  15. It is better to take a familiar path, not straight along an unfamiliar path.
  16. Use communication with others as you would expect them to.
  17. People misrepresent common emotions
  18. The fight is best when it is fought against yourself.
  19. Self-talk means keeping yourself in writing.
  20. Hunger peeps at the neck of the working man but does not get support from the neck.
  21. Talent is the fruit of hard work through intense desire.