Man is born (created) to find the Creator (as he/she understands). But alas, an unfortunate human race! It is not possible in this life! Ah, pain! One dissatisfaction, one deprivation, the secret of a wonderful creation! Wise saints, monks, scientists or religious people are also depressed and upset about this! All his life's meditations, knowledge, and data all become useless whenever the Creator is mentioned. The limitations of man's power become apparent only when he seeks the mystery of his life's creation. A scientific fact is that Nine (9) remains incomplete. Human wisdom deceives him/her. In fact, it takes some time to realize that there are limitations to human knowledge, but it is evident that in a certain area, a veil of transparent fog is drawn in front of it. Beyond this, he is the most intelligent man in the world and does not understand anything!

There is a thing called Five (5) Senses (Panch Indriya), which refers to the combination of the five senses such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and tongue [Sight or Vision, Hearing or Audition, Smell, Taste or Gustation,Touch or Taxation]. There is another thing called the sixth sense that can control the five senses. That is the mind (the combination of invisible senses). This invisible feeling (mind-brain) like the handle of a chest (Handle!) holds up the other five. The five senses are worthless without the sixth sense. We can understand the six (5+1=6) sense in many ways, it may be just a feeling to some, may be mind, may be brain, may be life, may be self (who knows how). People of all religions of the world follow some religion. Even those who do not believe in religion at all believe in the existence of a creator. At one time believed in the existence of a creator.

Even though highly intelligent personalities deny the existence of a creator, they feel that there must be something, maybe not visible to the eye! Otherwise, the world is so big that people are nothing! (Insignificance, insignificance) ! It is impossible for that man to create or control such a big world, trees and plants, soil, Great Ocean, vast sky, wind, guard-mountains. It is not possible for humans to stop aging. It means that people have many limitations regarding their own life. Even though there are so many limitations, there are some 

people who consciously break the spiritual relationship of the Creator with their reasoning and wisdom. It may seem to them for a moment that they will probably live forever. They will never die. The world seems to remain as it is now. And if sudden death occurs, he will rot. Last word...

Alas, an unfortunate team! He who has not discovered that this human being has a purpose does not know himself. What is meant by common knowledge; if there is a little change, how would this kind of thinking of this class of people be if "he was a woman instead of a man" if he was a devil instead of a man? It could be a domesticated animal or a tree (which also has life). Jins, Aliens, Angels, highly intelligent beings, I left it out ! There are categories of extrovert, improved, and ambivert among humans, and so also among Devils and Jins. Humans are visible creations of the creator on earth, but Saitan, Angels, and Jinn are not visible creations. This is not the case. Humans are seen by all other creatures but humans are not seen by them (very few are lucky enough to see it). Jins, Angels, and Soul, Saitan follow humans but humans do not follow anyone ! Everyone else sees people. Seeing them with envy, and regret. He/she will never get a free human life like this ! This opportunity is only available once! There is no chance to come! There is no option to stay in this world forever if you want.


In all religions, parents are held in a place of honor. If you think about it, you can understand that parents also have parents. They are also given birth by someone or they are also given the opportunity to come into the world through their parents. This is exactly how all human groups, tribes, and races have originated. Everyone looks the same. So did such a large community of human beings transform from single-celled aquatic animals to what they are today through the freakish evolution of nature without just ears? If Nature’s will is given primacy, then Nature is also subject to time. In fact, everything from nature to the cosmic universe, to the light of the sky, to the layer of darkness, is beneficial for people.
Every man must give an account of his life. Every word, deed, and thought must be accounted for. Earth is basically a testing ground for humans. After a certain period of time (through death) one has to come out of the world (from the hall of examination). After death, the real life of man begins. Humans' Souls (100-1000 thousand years ago) will return to the same place from where they came. Like people, the world will be divided into a breath! (There will be no world, no body, no book, no examination hall) Basically, human beings are born or created for goodness. And within man, there is the duality of Saitan, just as there is male and female.

Saitan is hidden inside the mind of every sane person. As always Shadow Boxing, the good and the bad are the same! Saitan's job is to change what is good to bad and good man's job is to seek out what is good. It is the responsibility of each person to find out whether the power of good or evil is greater between these two (Su versus Ku) by judging and analyzing deeply from his living conscious self. It requires a little meditation, knowledge, wisdom, and a flow of solitary practice (Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, ESP, Quantum, Salat)!

Shouldn't we think about where people sleep? When he wakes up, where does he get his vitality back from? Is it necessary to understand? If the ego does not come back to the body, can you understand what will happen? If the breath (Air) is suddenly stopped for three (3) minutes (try suffocation), doesn't it smell like death?

However, we live in the bosom of nature, we live, and all these events are automatically controlled. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are all born and created. We (Mankind) are not (cannot be) lords of anyone. Basically, people are alone. A man alone is nothing in the world; compared to a woman he is weaker, in short, nothing. However, the two must catch one. (Until the period of life) {I.e. until the age of life and youth} Both men and women are alone at birth and alone at death. Alone is partial but not complete in itself. Let alone any human being, from the beginning to the end of the whole world, all (All) human beings together (Male and Female) cosmic great power is that invisible (but clearly visible - as we see ourselves in nature) great mighty power (here Atoms/Sub Atoms of matter, Nucleus, Electrons, Protons are not meant) {or electro-magnetic waves} cannot be compared to its [as we understand it] Million, Billion, Trillion, Micro, Tetra, Neno parts...!

Finally to understand His (Creator's) purpose of creation (Nature, Solar System, Galaxies, Black Holes, Big Bang, Milky Way, Dark Matter, Particles) to carry out His will requires conscious spiritual communication through the proper application of the Sixth (5+1) Sense (Divine Resources); Which has no alternative clause.......


   ( to be continue…)


Article by: Saroar Mamun

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