Car of life! We all have to manage our own lives. We enjoy the results the way we set up our lives and desires. Bad management leads to bad results and good management leads to good results.

Here we will compare the management of our life with a car. Although the entire content is imaginary, we can clearly understand some of the inner things from this explanation. We will divide a car into two parts, firstly external (Outside) and second internal (Inside).

Notice how we have arranged the car model sample images here. It is natural that each car model will be different. Some are like private cars, some are auto rickshaws, some are like cargo lobbies or trucks like: some are clerks, some are officers, and some are government employees or unemployed. Each person's life car looks different.

So we believe that one can arrange the parts (Internal and External) of his life car and expect results (Output) from that car. If you don't believe someone, you can test it by disbelieving.

First let's come to the exterior of the car towards the wheels. We can see the four wheels of our aforementioned car...

  1. The first wheel is Confidence
    2. The second wheel—Responsibility
    3. Third Wheel – Work Plan
    4. Fourth wheel-Working technique
    5. The fifth wheel-Promise

I have arranged according to my needs and requirements, you can arrange it according to yours.

Secondly, the interior of the car-



I have arranged it according to my needs and requirements, you can arrange it according to yours.

Describe how we can use or use the imaginary features of this vehicle of life-

I think you are a good car driver. You know all the rules of the road and try to follow them. Suddenly, a drunken driver took a U-turn from the opposite direction and ran over your private car! In this case you are not at fault or wrong but you are harmed. Whose fault is it? But you have to pay for that mistake or maybe! Whose loss is it? Note that you know that you were driving according to the rules and that you were not at fault!!!

From the mentioned incidents and situations we learn that even though we try to be right all the time, sometimes some problems or troubles can affect us accidentally or unexpectedly and completely disrupt the normal course of our daily life. Isn't that so?

A car cannot move fast without wheels. All the wheels must be air-filled, meaning all the features of the LIFE CAR will keep you moving.

Let's focus on the first wheel:

If the name of the first wheel is belief then its importance can be easily guessed. Self means self-belief means something to be trusted or relied upon. So self-confidence means belief in oneself, right? Yes, if the belief can be verified while starting any work then the work becomes very easy for him. If self-confidence is lacking, many simple tasks become difficult and if self-confidence is right, many impossible tasks can become very easy!

To talk about the second wheel sense of responsibility, in simple words, responsibility is a subject that has many aspects and responsibility cannot be fulfilled by everyone. In most cases the duality comes automatically and in many cases you have to take responsibility yourself. But in this case, the responsible people are always a little different from everyone else and their work is more and more messy. If responsible people can do 80% of the work, it doesn't take long to reach the top of development without capital.

The third wheel is a plan of action: A messy life without a plan means an uncertain life. Today there is no tomorrow. This is good and steep. This happiness is this sadness. That is, there is no equality or harmony in words, deeds or thoughts. It seems foolish to expect success in a messy unplanned restless life. Every modern man should have a daily plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan and a yearly plan. A life without a plan is worthless. Every creation has some purpose beyond our own understanding. Failure is rare if the plan is correct.

The fourth wheel: It is not enough to do the work, but to have a work strategy. There are many people who think that I am working hard all my life but I am not progressing bro! The truth is that there is no use in sleeping with ghosts. Every job has some tricks. If you don't know the strategy, you should learn it, but it is not possible to achieve success in anything in life with a thick head like Gower. After prevention, the results of the whole work and the work of good sense are completely different.

Without a fifth wheel or spare wheel, the car can reach the destination, but if you are unaware or overconfident while driving (Journey) suddenly one of the wheels gets punctured, then both you and the car will suffer. Where to find a spare wheel, where to find a car repair technician or where to find a garage to keep your car safe and secure. If you think about it a lot...

Many dangers happen because of a little mistake, those who made the mistake are the victims. That is why extra wheels promises are needed on the way, such as I will do the work or I will go there...

Now we will focus on the interior of the car: first is the key to the car, willpower. My wish is that I will take my life car to go somewhere far away or for any urgent work. This is the first step in driving life. I mean I want to leave the house to go anywhere. After that I took out the key with my hand in my pocket and started it. (Here lies deep thinking and understanding). If I don't want to, I won't cry. My car will start as I wish. By force of will I started my car. The cart is ready to go. If there is a will, there is a way...

After that let's talk about the engine; the engine is human health. The most important part. If you are not healthy, you cannot leave the house. So the engine of the car must be kept healthy. There is no alternative. Whatever you do, whatever you think and whatever you plan, nothing can be done by you without desire (Sat). 

Next is steering or endurance. Just like driving a car you have to control the car through the steering wheel, there is no substitute for patience when it comes to taking charge of your own life. God loves a patient person and does not forget to help him even if it is late according to the laws of nature.

Then there are headlights: you can't drive in the dark without headlights. Its name is knowledge. Wise people can see in the dark, that is, even if the five senses do not work, he can perceive many things through his sixth sense, understand, and even cause events that are difficult for ordinary people to understand or do! Knowledge is light.

Finally, there is the brake which is described as intelligence. Smart and clever are never the same. Smart people are never clever but smart people are smart and clever also. Here the point of brake or intelligence is that in any situation intelligent people are adept at making the right decision at the right time. Many people can get out of big trouble or danger and return to normal situations with the strength of present intelligence. That's why intelligence present along with many other characteristic qualities or characteristics makes man the best creature of creation.