1st part

       Shopping online is as fun as it is easy! Although shopping is a pleasure, it can be a hassle if you can't buy the product of your choice. To be honest, shopping online is not an easy task. This is because everyone has to abide by the rules and regulations. Not everyone can do the transaction according to these rules or they do not have all the necessary tools at hand for them to enjoy the opportunity to buy a product even if they suddenly like it online. It is not possible. In such a situation, a buyer has to depend on another person or organization.

We need to find the answers to the first few questions:

  1. How to pay money online?
  2. What is a debit card? What is a credit card? What is a nexus card? What are Visa and MasterCard?
  3. What are Bitcoin and Encrypt money (Cryptocurrency)?
  4. Bikash, UKash, Rocket,, Sure Cash What kind of ( M commerce) transaction medium are these?
  5. What is a merchant account? How many types of merchants are there? Who are these for?
  6. What is the means of delivery of goods (Product)? How to get the purchased product on hand?
  7. What is meant by product quality?
  8. Do you have to pay more for the product when buying online?
  9. Is it mandatory to pay online after ordering the product?


What is the Billing address?
What is the Sipping Address?
What is the Payment Method?
What is Product Delivery?
What is Courier Service? How does it work?
What is a Credit Card? What is Debit Card?

2nd part