80% of people do not know what is the problem?

The kite has taken the ear without touching its own ear so it would not be right to run after the kite. Identifying the problem needed first to solve the problem. If you can identify the problem, 50% of the problem will be solved by you. Once the problem is identified, the solution becomes much easier and the door to multiple solutions is opened. That is why it is most important to identify the right problem before solving our problem. It is not wise to think too much about problems, it is foolish.


How to identify the problem?

  • What is the origin of the problem?
  • Where to think deeply, how the problem has arisen?
  • Do not go to diagnose the problem based on some assumptions?
  • Don't avoid small problems?
  • Try to break down big problems into smaller ones.
  • Try to stay calm without solving the problem before solving the problem.
  • Don’t think about the same problem over and over again.
  • Learn to think logically, not emotionally.
  • Write down the possible causes of the problem on a piece of paper. Examine each reason thoroughly.
  • Gather necessary information and opinions in consultation with an experienced person.


How to solve the problem?


Ø  You need to know before making a decision to solve the problem.

Ø  Make the right decision on how to solve the best results.

Ø  In case there can be more than one solution to the problem, it is necessary to make sure which one is reasonable in terms of reality and ensure its application.

Ø  Keep trying again and again.

Ø  Must work hard.

Ø  The power of imagination must be used more than the power of will.

Ø  If the problem is too complex, try again later.

Ø  Don't go for less that your full potential.

Ø  You are successful only if you have 95% solution, 100% solution may not always be possible for people.

Ø  The mind-humanity to deal with problems should be determined and not improved but should be improved.