Plan number 01: If your hands are empty, then add that amount of money in any way so that it is possible to buy at least one item. That's all the work of human power, the rest will be done by applying business principles and strategies. The first thing to do is to determine the market demand of the product that you want to sell and make a profit, that is, the demand for this product should be twice as much as any other product. The product should be able to be purchased by yourself. Car rental costs must be saved and effort must be made to save, at least pay special attention to the cost of car rental while traveling. Because the capital is raised only for one shipment or purchase of goods! You have to sell. Of course, you have to target and sell the product at double price or price. You have to sell the product by determining the place and the container. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that since the capital is very little, you are going to take a little more risk at each step. The brain must be embedded, this thought cannot be removed from the head. A simple principle of business is that, "The risk is high, the profit is high, the risk is low, and the profit is low".

Buy the product from where you buy it keeping in mind that you can make a profit. Since you are buying for resale and not as a consumer, you have to make a profit at the time of purchase and sell it at a profit. After buying the product Relax or rest for some time. But not too much time. During this time, a reasonable plan should be made to think about where the product will go, to whom it can be easily sold for double profit. Perhaps you should start working towards a specific goal with a planned idea. The product must be sold. There must be a sound business rationale for selling at double the price. There is a huge demand for the product but the product is not widely available or available. This is the trade secret. Need to divide the purchased product into two parts, so that the first part is the capital of the product and the second part is the profit. The product has to be sold efficiently with a little time. Strategy can be applied. Importance should be given to the aspect that the quality of the purchased product should not be lost. The money sold cannot be spent on any other work or need. If possible, the product should be bought and sold again in the same process with the full money immediately after the sale. This should be done thrice in a day if possible.

Must be successful the first time
the first day must be successful
First week should be successful
the first month should be successful
the second month should be successful
the third month should be successful.

In this case, the number and quantity of capital and goods will increase. For that, all the necessary facilities and disadvantages should be regularized with privacy and security. After 100 days, if there is a need to change the business, it can be changed.

Plan No. 02: If I need to buy something that I need or want, I will. Then if he buys the product wholesale and keeps the profit part for consumption and sells the rest of the products at the original price, your product is also bought and some additional income is also created. In this way, an opportunity to easily make a profit can be created.

Example: If you buy 12 soaps and get one free, then the total soap is 13. If one is needed, the remaining 12 can be sold and the capital can be recovered. Again, in the logic of buying many products at once, it must be possible to buy at a price lower than the retail price. Here too, a possibility of profit can be seen by buying.

Correct place of sale of goods: Example: A train ticket is purchased with great difficulty by standing in line or through people. It was suddenly decided to cancel the visit for any reason. The ticket must be beaten which means it will be lost. If this ticket can be bought at the counter 10-20 minutes before the departure of the train then no one will want to buy it at a high price. Because it is not possible for many people to stand in long queues or buy tickets in black. This is an opportunity seeking business strategy!!!

Will continue…

Plan No. 03: