Meditation, Yoga, Auto-suggestion, ESP, Quantum Method, Salat (Namaz) are all almost the same. This is just for those who have heard a lot about meditation, who are curious about how to meditate?

First choose a secluded environment where no one will disturb you. At least half an hour to an hour will be completely silent. Anyway, the job after that is to sit comfortably. Sit comfortably so that the whole body is a little more relaxed than usual. Do not sit with your arms and legs tight.

Keep the head, chest, waist straight. If your spine is straight, your meditation will be deeper. Do not sit cross-legged or tilted to one side.

Slowly close your eyes to the name of the Creator. Take a deep breath. Take it through the nose and release it through the mouth. Breathe in such a way that the chest swells. Exhale slowly with a little time while exhaling. Count backwards from 10 to 1 percent in your mind and count the breaths and exhales to zero percent and let the breathing become normal.

You will reach the first stage of meditation. Let the swash prasash continue as usual. Get rid of clutter you don't need. Unnecessary thoughts will come and want to take place in your brain when you are silent and free from worries. Some unnecessary thoughts will continue to revolve around the head. You don't care. You just feel the normal feeling of your body. Feel you're alive. Feel that you are healthy. Feel that the Creator is pulling you by His cosmic power, drawing you to Him. He is the Almighty, the Mighty. At his behest, the whole world is going on. I am also a small part of the creation of the great Creator. My thinking power is to feel the great Creator. I also believe that the world was not created by the Creator alone who created me. I am loyal to Creator. My body soul mind just for his worship. I'm small. It is not possible to carry my life without the will of the Creator. It was not possible for me to come to earth without the will of the Creator. What a wonderful world. You have to be surprised to think. The Creator does not see you but you exist in everything.

Pause for a moment after remembering the Creator in your mind. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Little by little, I am constantly moving towards Mars and welfare.

This time we will go a little deeper into meditation. Through conscious communication with the great Creator we have created a spiritual path or reflection of light in darkness. Now I will move forward little by little along that path. We want what we want from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, if you want anything from such a situation of meditation, it easily becomes a reality.

Remember you are awake, do not try to sleep at all. Right now you are in the middle of meditation. We have started meditating and we have to finish our meditation properly.

Now what we want is the reason we are meditating on that real subject matter. Say whatever you want in your mind. What is your purpose? Imagine what you want to see. Feel the fiction, but feel the truth. Just like when you hear the story of tamarind, even if you don't eat tamarind, water comes to your tongue thinking about its taste. Imagination borrows several times more than human will power. People don't get most of what they want. On the other hand, people get what they imagine even if they don't want to. This is one of the most important laws of nature! If you don't believe, try to practice disbelief.

And in the state of meditation, of course, you do not want anything bad or harmful. But then your meditation will be broken!! And those who consciously meditate on the coming of power in the name of the Creator cannot harm anyone or destroy any object.

[If you want something impossible in deep meditation, your conscious mind will be the first obstacle. He would not want to believe that it could be implemented any day. But you have to go beyond that and realize the impossible. The subconscious mind has more skills than the conscious mind and the subconscious mind has more power than the subconscious mind. ]

So don't let the rational conscious mind understand whatever you want. Let the silent war with him continue. You try to transcend yourself. Try again and again. There is a time when you have this feeling in your mind that you will discover the desired object near you, at the very moment you have found it or in the contemporary context. It works like magic. Many poor people have become rich by applying this knowledge. Many scientists have discovered. Many pious saints have become saints. It is a proven fact. There is no conflict of spirituality with sarma. People of all religions have called on the Creator in their own way to awaken, to discover the goal of creation, and to have attained His desired goal by gaining proximity to Him. This is real, this is true. As far as the eye can see, it is not true… the sky is tilted down in front. But if you go a little further, you can see that the sky is very high. It is an illusion or limitation of vision, the sky never goes down to the ground but we do not have the power to see the sky. It is in the power of such imagination that all worldly things have to be understood and controlled by conscious communication with the great power of the Creator. And that is why people have been using the 6th sense as the most powerful medium.