If there is a will there is a way; Imagination is never real! Our general job flow is based on this idea. Will power and imagination power are never the same but complement each other. It is possible for people to do anything if they wish, but if we imagine it, it is not possible for us to implement it? Why does this happen?

Huh here’s a thing! Matter of fact desire is a power and imagination is also a power. Desire cannot be seen, imagination cannot be seen with the real eye. So what is the relationship or difference between these two is the main thing to know and understand. We have to understand how our will works and how our imagination works. Before understanding the difference and relationship between these two, you should look more into their characteristics..!

I want to learn graphic design. I completed my course after studying for one month, two months, and three months. After six months of not practicing, I forgot everything. Again I practiced for four months, five months, and six months. There is no doubt that I have definitely improved myself on the table by rubbing myself more than before. But why is it not possible for me to create a design? I have accumulated high level of knowledge and experience after passing the initial idea, but when I want to create something new, I am getting stuck and hindered. Settling down Why is this happening to me? I have learned all the rules of designing by using my willpower to the maximum, but why do I feel incompetent and stupid? Did I learn anything though? Nothing can be done by me. Or am I like that!!

I wanted to be a graphic designer. So? I tried almost everything, but why can't I become a creative graphic designer? How can I be an artist? I don't want to be a craftsman…….! Craftsman and artist. The craftsman works by the power of will and the artist works by the joy of imagination. In a battle between will and imagination (Snake vs. Mongo), imagination wins.
(Think) I really need a computer. I wish I had a good computer. I bought a decent computer according to my ability. After some time it was suddenly destroyed. My wish was fulfilled but turned into failure. My computer machine has stopped working. I took initiative again...! Either way, I need a computer that I want. It's exactly what I want.
Days go by and months go by and my computer is not bought. I wait Think! Ah, if only I had a computer like that? What is the match between my desire and power? Is there a strong argument?!

I keep thinking there is no life; But what if? What does it look like or should it look like? What is the correlation between demand and power?

Irrational imagination is worth the implementation??? What is or should be the (specific) external color and shape of that object? What will be the adventure structure of the object? How should it be used and effective? How does it feel to touch a certain object?

I imagined what the color and size of the computer monitor would be (black). The monitor will be right next to the PC. One part of the PC will be black and some part silver. The monitor will be placed on the table near my hand with the PC.

I imagined in my mind and language in my eyelids, I gave AC 120 volt current line. I switched on. The power came on the monitor, I turned on the power switch of the PC. PC is on. I kept seeing the operating system turning on. Finally came to the operating system platform and the computer turned on completely and remained stable. I gently held the mouse and pressed. After that I typed one of my favorite poems (composed) from the keyboard with bright pink font.

(But in reality (the material world) I do not have or had any of these. Human imagination can affect things.)
I became restless. Repeatedly the same events and subjects in different ways made my body, soul, mind able to understand as if it was true! I felt the color, touch, smell of the real thing. I started to feel overwhelmed. I finally forced myself to defeat the logic of the subconscious mind as if it wasn't a lie. This is true!

The unconscious rational mind refuses to accept anything but unknowingly agrees with the subconscious great power to bring forth the desired object created in the world of imagination again and again like magic……. My imagination ends. There is a waiting holiday.
I let go of what I need by accurately and beautifully visualizing it. After that, I'm just waiting, when the event will happen. It will happen to everyone in the same way, in the same process. No one understands...

It is surprising when the long-imagined unreal object coincides with the object in front. Thanks must be given to the Universal Supreme Power (as I understand Him) the Creator. To whom (in nature) there is no lack of wealth, abundance. We are ignorant, do not know how to ask because we have so much trouble!

Today, imaginary worlds like met averse are created entirely from the power of human imagination. The two brothers invented the airplane with this imagination. Vinci has done his work of art with this initiative Internet, computer, mobile, electricity, rocket, submarine all these things have been discovered through the world of imagination (energy). All of which never existed in reality.

This development of the world today is due to the growth of people's imagination over the ages.
Where willpower ends; the world of fantasy begins there……