We look at the sky and see that the blue sky has descended to the ground. But what is really so? Did the distant sky fall to the ground? Or illusions of our eyes/misconceptions. Looking at the hot sands of the desert seems like waves of water; Peppers actually. Thousands of such events and situations can change our reality incredibly. Although it is unbelievable, it is true!

Even if you run a hundred kilometers ahead, the sky will not fall to the ground and no water will be found in the desert. This is real, this is true!

But what our eyes (sight) see is not right (wrong). This is another kind of truth. Eyesight is limited. Even if you think you understand many things without seeing them, it becomes a lie.

In fact, what is the relationship or difference between the two truths and lies? So is the lie also a kind of truth?! Everything in the world is real. Because I exist, the world is true. If I am not, the world is false. And as it is true that I was not, so it is true that I shall not be. This is the eternal truth that we are writing and reading!

People are true, the earth is true, the moon, the sun, the planets, the stars, light, air, soil, trees, water - all these are real truths and then there is something else that is unreal but true! How does the unreal (miraculous) become true again?

Can we deny our bodies? Can’t it not true that governs the body by something invisible called mind-brain? Do we see the mind (mind-brain)? There is a relationship between mind and body which is called life. Coordination of body and mind.

The mind is controlled by the body and the body is controlled by the mind. They are 100% dependent on each other. One without the other becomes worthless. Science says that every human body has the same structure but there are differences. One has nothing in common with the other. It is never possible for two people to be the same even if they match most or exactly in appearance or behavior or in nature and skin. Another eternal truth...

Both science and religion today state that each person's biometric fingerprint is unique.

Does man have such power in his invisible mind that he can drag his body up Mount Everest? Is there such a power in the invisible mind of man that it can fall from 3000 thousand feet to the surface of the earth indeterminately? Does the human mind have the energy to type notation (programming code) inside the computer hardware circuit without moving from one end of the world to the other, capable of dancing, singing, performing (music), and exchanging information at the speed of light?

Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Earth are all the forces of the Earth. Without one of them, the Earth is immobile. Just like the Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Skin, and Tongue, these are basic resources of the human body. Without these, the body is immobile. But apart from the visible power in these materialisms, there are some miraculous powers that are incomprehensible to any human being on Earth. In the same way, there are some things inside the mind-brain that are invisible, like- love, emotions, thoughts, feelings, anger, lust, revenge, patience, restraint, forgiveness, ideals, integrity, honesty, spirituality, etc...

Basically, who created people? If we think deeply, we can understand that man does not give birth to man. He who creates one man creates all men. The Lord of all men is an invisible, immortal force (Allah, God, Lord, Creator, whoever understands Him)! How much energy is there in this small life of that person who is divided between birth and death? All the people of the world, even with all the technology, another world is far away, they can't make even a single grain of food (paddy-rice-wheat). Science says that there is no destruction of anything in the world, only transformation. There is no counting how many other worlds, planets, and stars, like Earth, are rhythmically rotating in a certain path. They must have been going on in a special process for hundreds of millions of years by some (unique) superpower...that invisible untouchable source of power and power is not at all possible for any human being to discern...can only be believed on the basis of conjecture!