We all know what accounting is or how important it is but we don't know it well. From success and failure in life to the Earth-space, the creator-nature are all in a certain calculation. The greatest human discovery so far has been the computer or computational device. Scientists say that arithmetic is the language of calculation or the language of the creator. In other words, it is possible to express the shape and type of everything in that language. What is the speed of light? There are many other things like how old is the Earth? The calendar we use in our daily life, even though it is a man-made timeline, is still very important to keep track of the current. The time-table service can no longer say who is going through us. Then there is the Moon-Sun, Planets-Stars, Tides-Ebbs, and Seasons. They are constantly moving from time to time like clockwork. Isn't it amazing! But these are not man-made things! Yet they are maintaining the book of accounts. In fact, clocks or calendars have been created by following them.

The computer calculates in a very simple method, which is called binary method. In this method the computer can do everything with zero (0) and one (1) predominance. This is exactly what is used in many parts of the world and it is a real test. However, human life is such that if you live, yes, if you do not die.