Among all the biggest sensitive things in the world, the human mind is above all. It has a lot of logical aspects as well as irrational aspects. Among them, how people can know and control their future is going on. There is no end to human knowledge. Self-understanding, self-recognition, these are many complex puzzles that people constantly confuse with their own existence. There is no conflict between supremacy and religion. Many people know this and don't want to accept it; In this case their own opinion works. The real thing is ignorance. In most parts of the world, sin or wrongful criminal activity is or happens because of human ignorance. Today he is doing what seems good to him but; after a certain time he realizes how stupid he is!

       We humans often unknowingly wander in a world of mind that is opposite to the real world. We get lost in an imaginary world. From there come back to the visual world. Some sense of subtlety in this coming and going has given us humanity a sense of purpose. There is no human being without fear, shame, spirituality, benevolence, loving attitude etc. All this is actually untouchable. Internal fillings! But yes, you or I can pet them in cages if you want. And they are forced to obey if they get the right guidance.

        Is it possible for another person to enter into a normal person and realize the desired truth? As in childhood, parents are doing lifelessly. But how do mature people do this work of controlling their mind? Or how much juice can he get out of the chickpeas? Those who can perform this task perfectly are the ones who sit in the role of managers in today's real world. This power is much more important than money and worldly power. There must be logic behind it!

       Your thinking is so sharpened and refined by the influence of materialism that you can get a basic idea of ​​the humanity of someone half your age. It is as simple as nature. And those who have affected the world externally by saying they are difficult or exceptional are also normal like you and me. There is no such thing as external or miraculous. All are mundane but there is logic in their actions. Nothing beyond that. Humans are simply ordinary creatures. The origin of the organism and the end result of the organism!

      Let's learn about our own thought processes. How we can fight our existence to produce the best results. You don't need to apply Meditation, Autosuggestion or Telepathy for that. What you are Think for yourself. There is no need to think about anything difficult. It is dangerous when it becomes difficult! Yes, by birth plus nature some dumbbell 'raw-materials' work fine but that doesn't mean you're above the problem. You too are just an improved form of nature. And those who do not believe in nature, keep thinking like yourself, one day you will find it; whoever you are looking for. The real thing is whether you have the courage and morale? Many people know a lot and think they know everything. The truth is that the general attitude is the product of ignorance. There is no shortage of wise people in the world. Those who really know or can do something never want to indulge themselves in such misconceptions. Because they really know something!!

       Science says that we love to shout to the stars and think to ourselves that science is the key to immortality! Many seem to be conflicted about how realistic this idea is. Science is an inexhaustible management of doubt, fantasy and the unreal. Once upon a time, many people used to meditate and practice meditation and wisdom, but; why can't we see them today? Have they immersed themselves in the deep darkness of the world with the touch of the light of science? No they are the same as before, but now they have a golden age. They were and will be. This is the interest of scientists!!! Today's sadhu-sannyasis don't wear white robes or yubba or ocher cloth and go around with tasbeeh! in their hands. All they practice is the world around them, and such people are never alone, they are touched by thousands of like-minded dead and living souls around them, and fearlessly do whatever they have to do. In the absence of millions of men and women. No one notices their silent walk. You are one of them! When you keep thinking that the whole world is your world and any thought to do something for the world or to decorate the world keeps wandering in your head only then you can come close to that great power. Maybe many people are already aware of this. I am humbled and grateful to know them.

Rational Scientific Facts:

      Our brain produces energy (heat-pressure/sensation) like electricity. This energy is divided into four parts. Although this division is for the convenience of our judgment and analysis, for example:- Time has no specific aspect or dimension, but for our convenience, we have arranged time as a calendar into present, past and future...

Mind-Brain, Thought-Consciousness Level:

1. Beta-conscious

2. Alpha-subconscious

3. Theta-sub-subconscious

4. Delta-unconscious

       The brain works best when we are idle because, like an electrical circuit, our brain's immune system is at its lowest when the brain has the opportunity to use its full energy. That's why people can easily find intelligent solutions by thinking coldly in times of great danger.

        According to the pulse cycle of the brain, if it vibrates 14 times per second, it is considered as beta level, at which level you are reading this, that is, you are doing worldly work. If the brain vibration is between 7 then it is considered alpha level. At this level you are drowsing or daydreaming just before you fall asleep and a few seconds after waking up. And when the pulsation starts at 4, when the brain is at the theta level, then you are just asleep, that is, you are far removed from the material world. Finally, when the brain wave 'beat' goes down from 4 to '0', the brain is at the delta level. At this time you may be unconscious or dead even alive!

Specific questions:

1. Does my body listen to the mind?

2. Does my mind listen to the body?

3. What is the junction of mind and body?

4. What is the brain and the mind?

5. What are the five senses and the sixth sense? Can I use all the five senses?

6. Can I change the world?

7. Can I influence objects?

8. Can I perceive my desired object through the full use of the senses?

9. Do I know myself?

10. Can I speak my mind? how long can?

11. What is spirituality?

12. What is materialism or reality?

13. Imagination or thought can influence my body and mind even if I don't want it?

14. Am I great?

15. What am I?

16. Is the speed of my mind per second more or less than the speed of light?

17. Can I not control my feelings?

18. Am I unable to control my mind?

19. Am I good or bad?

20. Am I capable of dividing reality with logic?

21. who am i ?