Meditation, Yoga, Auto-suggestion, ESP, Quantum Method, Salat (Namaz) are all almost the same. This is just for those who have heard a lot about meditation, who are curious about how to meditate?

First choose a secluded environment where no one will disturb you. At least half an hour to an hour will be completely silent. Anyway, the job after that is to sit comfortably. Sit comfortably so that the whole body is a little more relaxed than usual. Do not sit with your arms and legs tight.

Keep the head, chest, waist straight. If your spine is straight, your meditation will be deeper. Do not sit cross-legged or tilted to one side.

Slowly close your eyes to the name of the Creator. Take a deep breath. Take it through the nose and release it through the mouth. Breathe in such a way that the chest swells. Exhale slowly with a little time while exhaling. Count backwards from 10 to 1 percent in your mind and count the breaths and exhales to zero percent and let the breathing become normal.

You will reach the first stage of meditation. Let the swash prasash continue as usual. Get rid of clutter you don't need. Unnecessary thoughts will come and want to take place in your brain when you are silent and free from worries. Some unnecessary thoughts will continue to revolve around the head. You don't care. You just feel the normal feeling of your body. Feel you're alive. Feel that you are healthy. Feel that the Creator is pulling you by His cosmic power, drawing you to Him. He is the Almighty, the Mighty. At his behest, the whole world is going on. I am also a small part of the creation of the great Creator. My thinking power is to feel the great Creator. I also believe that the world was not created by the Creator alone who created me. I am loyal to Creator. My body soul mind just for his worship. I'm small. It is not possible to carry my life without the will of the Creator. It was not possible for me to come to earth without the will of the Creator. What a wonderful world. You have to be surprised to think. The Creator does not see you but you exist in everything.

Pause for a moment after remembering the Creator in your mind. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Little by little, I am constantly moving towards Mars and welfare.

This time we will go a little deeper into meditation. Through conscious communication with the great Creator we have created a spiritual path or reflection of light in darkness. Now I will move forward little by little along that path. We want what we want from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, if you want anything from such a situation of meditation, it easily becomes a reality.

Remember you are awake, do not try to sleep at all. Right now you are in the middle of meditation. We have started meditating and we have to finish our meditation properly.

Now what we want is the reason we are meditating on that real subject matter. Say whatever you want in your mind. What is your purpose? Imagine what you want to see. Feel the fiction, but feel the truth. Just like when you hear the story of tamarind, even if you don't eat tamarind, water comes to your tongue thinking about its taste. Imagination borrows several times more than human will power. People don't get most of what they want. On the other hand, people get what they imagine even if they don't want to. This is one of the most important laws of nature! If you don't believe, try to practice disbelief.

And in the state of meditation, of course, you do not want anything bad or harmful. But then your meditation will be broken!! And those who consciously meditate on the coming of power in the name of the Creator cannot harm anyone or destroy any object.

[If you want something impossible in deep meditation, your conscious mind will be the first obstacle. He would not want to believe that it could be implemented any day. But you have to go beyond that and realize the impossible. The subconscious mind has more skills than the conscious mind and the subconscious mind has more power than the subconscious mind. ]

So don't let the rational conscious mind understand whatever you want. Let the silent war with him continue. You try to transcend yourself. Try again and again. There is a time when you have this feeling in your mind that you will discover the desired object near you, at the very moment you have found it or in the contemporary context. It works like magic. Many poor people have become rich by applying this knowledge. Many scientists have discovered. Many pious saints have become saints. It is a proven fact. There is no conflict of spirituality with sarma. People of all religions have called on the Creator in their own way to awaken, to discover the goal of creation, and to have attained His desired goal by gaining proximity to Him. This is real, this is true. As far as the eye can see, it is not true… the sky is tilted down in front. But if you go a little further, you can see that the sky is very high. It is an illusion or limitation of vision, the sky never goes down to the ground but we do not have the power to see the sky. It is in the power of such imagination that all worldly things have to be understood and controlled by conscious communication with the great power of the Creator. And that is why people have been using the 6th sense as the most powerful medium.



         If there is a will there is a way; Imagination is never real! Our general job flow is based on this idea. Will power and imagination power are never the same but complement each other. It is possible for people to do anything if they wish, but if we imagine it, it is not possible for us to implement it? Why does this happen?

Huh here’s a thing! Matter of fact desire is a power and imagination is also a power. Desire cannot be seen, imagination cannot be seen with the real eye. So what is the relationship or difference between these two is the main thing to know and understand. We have to understand how our will works and how our imagination works. Before understanding the difference and relationship between these two, you should look more into their characteristics..!

I want to learn graphic design. I completed my course after studying for one month, two months, and three months. After six months of not practicing, I forgot everything. Again I practiced for four months, five months, and six months. There is no doubt that I have definitely improved myself on the table by rubbing myself more than before. But why is it not possible for me to create a design? I have accumulated high level of knowledge and experience after passing the initial idea, but when I want to create something new, I am getting stuck and hindered. Settling down Why is this happening to me? I have learned all the rules of designing by using my willpower to the maximum, but why do I feel incompetent and stupid? Did I learn anything though? Nothing can be done by me. Or am I like that!!

I wanted to be a graphic designer. So? I tried almost everything, but why can't I become a creative graphic designer? How can I be an artist? I don't want to be a craftsman…….! Craftsman and artist. The craftsman works by the power of will and the artist works by the joy of imagination. In a battle between will and imagination (Snake vs. Mongo), imagination wins.
(Think) I really need a computer. I wish I had a good computer. I bought a decent computer according to my ability. After some time it was suddenly destroyed. My wish was fulfilled but turned into failure. My computer machine has stopped working. I took initiative again...! Either way, I need a computer that I want. It's exactly what I want.
Days go by and months go by and my computer is not bought. I wait Think! Ah, if only I had a computer like that? What is the match between my desire and power? Is there a strong argument?!

I keep thinking there is no life; But what if? What does it look like or should it look like? What is the correlation between demand and power?

Irrational imagination is worth the implementation??? What is or should be the (specific) external color and shape of that object? What will be the adventure structure of the object? How should it be used and effective? How does it feel to touch a certain object?

I imagined what the color and size of the computer monitor would be (black). The monitor will be right next to the PC. One part of the PC will be black and some part silver. The monitor will be placed on the table near my hand with the PC.

I imagined in my mind and language in my eyelids, I gave AC 120 volt current line. I switched on. The power came on the monitor, I turned on the power switch of the PC. PC is on. I kept seeing the operating system turning on. Finally came to the operating system platform and the computer turned on completely and remained stable. I gently held the mouse and pressed. After that I typed one of my favorite poems (composed) from the keyboard with bright pink font.

(But in reality (the material world) I do not have or had any of these. Human imagination can affect things.)
I became restless. Repeatedly the same events and subjects in different ways made my body, soul, mind able to understand as if it was true! I felt the color, touch, smell of the real thing. I started to feel overwhelmed. I finally forced myself to defeat the logic of the subconscious mind as if it wasn't a lie. This is true!

The unconscious rational mind refuses to accept anything but unknowingly agrees with the subconscious great power to bring forth the desired object created in the world of imagination again and again like magic……. My imagination ends. There is a waiting holiday.
I let go of what I need by accurately and beautifully visualizing it. After that, I'm just waiting, when the event will happen. It will happen to everyone in the same way, in the same process. No one understands...

It is surprising when the long-imagined unreal object coincides with the object in front. Thanks must be given to the Universal Supreme Power (as I understand Him) the Creator. To whom (in nature) there is no lack of wealth, abundance. We are ignorant, do not know how to ask because we have so much trouble!

Today, imaginary worlds like met averse are created entirely from the power of human imagination. The two brothers invented the airplane with this imagination. Vinci has done his work of art with this initiative Internet, computer, mobile, electricity, rocket, submarine all these things have been discovered through the world of imagination (energy). All of which never existed in reality.

This development of the world today is due to the growth of people's imagination over the ages.
Where willpower ends; the world of fantasy begins there……

We look at the sky and see that the blue sky has descended to the ground. But what is really so? Did the distant sky fall to the ground? Or illusions of our eyes/misconceptions. Looking at the hot sands of the desert seems like waves of water; Peppers actually. Thousands of such events and situations can change our reality incredibly. Although it is unbelievable, it is true!

Even if you run a hundred kilometers ahead, the sky will not fall to the ground and no water will be found in the desert. This is real, this is true!

But what our eyes (sight) see is not right (wrong). This is another kind of truth. Eyesight is limited. Even if you think you understand many things without seeing them, it becomes a lie.

In fact, what is the relationship or difference between the two truths and lies? So is the lie also a kind of truth?! Everything in the world is real. Because I exist, the world is true. If I am not, the world is false. And as it is true that I was not, so it is true that I shall not be. This is the eternal truth that we are writing and reading!

People are true, the earth is true, the moon, the sun, the planets, the stars, light, air, soil, trees, water - all these are real truths and then there is something else that is unreal but true! How does the unreal (miraculous) become true again?

Can we deny our bodies? Can’t it not true that governs the body by something invisible called mind-brain? Do we see the mind (mind-brain)? There is a relationship between mind and body which is called life. Coordination of body and mind.

The mind is controlled by the body and the body is controlled by the mind. They are 100% dependent on each other. One without the other becomes worthless. Science says that every human body has the same structure but there are differences. One has nothing in common with the other. It is never possible for two people to be the same even if they match most or exactly in appearance or behavior or in nature and skin. Another eternal truth...

Both science and religion today state that each person's biometric fingerprint is unique.

Does man have such power in his invisible mind that he can drag his body up Mount Everest? Is there such a power in the invisible mind of man that it can fall from 3000 thousand feet to the surface of the earth indeterminately? Does the human mind have the energy to type notation (programming code) inside the computer hardware circuit without moving from one end of the world to the other, capable of dancing, singing, performing (music), and exchanging information at the speed of light?

Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Earth are all the forces of the Earth. Without one of them, the Earth is immobile. Just like the Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Skin, and Tongue, these are basic resources of the human body. Without these, the body is immobile. But apart from the visible power in these materialisms, there are some miraculous powers that are incomprehensible to any human being on Earth. In the same way, there are some things inside the mind-brain that are invisible, like- love, emotions, thoughts, feelings, anger, lust, revenge, patience, restraint, forgiveness, ideals, integrity, honesty, spirituality, etc...

Basically, who created people? If we think deeply, we can understand that man does not give birth to man. He who creates one man creates all men. The Lord of all men is an invisible, immortal force (Allah, God, Lord, Creator, whoever understands Him)! How much energy is there in this small life of that person who is divided between birth and death? All the people of the world, even with all the technology, another world is far away, they can't make even a single grain of food (paddy-rice-wheat). Science says that there is no destruction of anything in the world, only transformation. There is no counting how many other worlds, planets, and stars, like Earth, are rhythmically rotating in a certain path. They must have been going on in a special process for hundreds of millions of years by some (unique) superpower...that invisible untouchable source of power and power is not at all possible for any human being to discern...can only be believed on the basis of conjecture!





       We all know what accounting is or how important it is but we don't know it well. From success and failure in life to the Earth-space, the creator-nature are all in a certain calculation. The greatest human discovery so far has been the computer or computational device. Scientists say that arithmetic is the language of calculation or the language of the creator. In other words, it is possible to express the shape and type of everything in that language. What is the speed of light? There are many other things like how old is the Earth? The calendar we use in our daily life, even though it is a man-made timeline, is still very important to keep track of the current. The time-table service can no longer say who is going through us. Then there is the Moon-Sun, Planets-Stars, Tides-Ebbs, and Seasons. They are constantly moving from time to time like clockwork. Isn't it amazing! But these are not man-made things! Yet they are maintaining the book of accounts. In fact, clocks or calendars have been created by following them.

The computer calculates in a very simple method, which is called binary method. In this method the computer can do everything with zero (0) and one (1) predominance. This is exactly what is used in many parts of the world and it is a real test. However, human life is such that if you live, yes, if you do not die.



       Among all the biggest sensitive things in the world, the human mind is above all. It has a lot of logical aspects as well as irrational aspects. Among them, how people can know and control their future is going on. There is no end to human knowledge. Self-understanding, self-recognition, these are many complex puzzles that people constantly confuse with their own existence. There is no conflict between supremacy and religion. Many people know this and don't want to accept it; In this case their own opinion works. The real thing is ignorance. In most parts of the world, sin or wrongful criminal activity is or happens because of human ignorance. Today he is doing what seems good to him but; after a certain time he realizes how stupid he is!

       We humans often unknowingly wander in a world of mind that is opposite to the real world. We get lost in an imaginary world. From there come back to the visual world. Some sense of subtlety in this coming and going has given us humanity a sense of purpose. There is no human being without fear, shame, spirituality, benevolence, loving attitude etc. All this is actually untouchable. Internal fillings! But yes, you or I can pet them in cages if you want. And they are forced to obey if they get the right guidance.

        Is it possible for another person to enter into a normal person and realize the desired truth? As in childhood, parents are doing lifelessly. But how do mature people do this work of controlling their mind? Or how much juice can he get out of the chickpeas? Those who can perform this task perfectly are the ones who sit in the role of managers in today's real world. This power is much more important than money and worldly power. There must be logic behind it!

       Your thinking is so sharpened and refined by the influence of materialism that you can get a basic idea of ​​the humanity of someone half your age. It is as simple as nature. And those who have affected the world externally by saying they are difficult or exceptional are also normal like you and me. There is no such thing as external or miraculous. All are mundane but there is logic in their actions. Nothing beyond that. Humans are simply ordinary creatures. The origin of the organism and the end result of the organism!

      Let's learn about our own thought processes. How we can fight our existence to produce the best results. You don't need to apply Meditation, Autosuggestion or Telepathy for that. What you are Think for yourself. There is no need to think about anything difficult. It is dangerous when it becomes difficult! Yes, by birth plus nature some dumbbell 'raw-materials' work fine but that doesn't mean you're above the problem. You too are just an improved form of nature. And those who do not believe in nature, keep thinking like yourself, one day you will find it; whoever you are looking for. The real thing is whether you have the courage and morale? Many people know a lot and think they know everything. The truth is that the general attitude is the product of ignorance. There is no shortage of wise people in the world. Those who really know or can do something never want to indulge themselves in such misconceptions. Because they really know something!!

       Science says that we love to shout to the stars and think to ourselves that science is the key to immortality! Many seem to be conflicted about how realistic this idea is. Science is an inexhaustible management of doubt, fantasy and the unreal. Once upon a time, many people used to meditate and practice meditation and wisdom, but; why can't we see them today? Have they immersed themselves in the deep darkness of the world with the touch of the light of science? No they are the same as before, but now they have a golden age. They were and will be. This is the interest of scientists!!! Today's sadhu-sannyasis don't wear white robes or yubba or ocher cloth and go around with tasbeeh! in their hands. All they practice is the world around them, and such people are never alone, they are touched by thousands of like-minded dead and living souls around them, and fearlessly do whatever they have to do. In the absence of millions of men and women. No one notices their silent walk. You are one of them! When you keep thinking that the whole world is your world and any thought to do something for the world or to decorate the world keeps wandering in your head only then you can come close to that great power. Maybe many people are already aware of this. I am humbled and grateful to know them.

Rational Scientific Facts:

      Our brain produces energy (heat-pressure/sensation) like electricity. This energy is divided into four parts. Although this division is for the convenience of our judgment and analysis, for example:- Time has no specific aspect or dimension, but for our convenience, we have arranged time as a calendar into present, past and future...

Mind-Brain, Thought-Consciousness Level:

1. Beta-conscious

2. Alpha-subconscious

3. Theta-sub-subconscious

4. Delta-unconscious

       The brain works best when we are idle because, like an electrical circuit, our brain's immune system is at its lowest when the brain has the opportunity to use its full energy. That's why people can easily find intelligent solutions by thinking coldly in times of great danger.

        According to the pulse cycle of the brain, if it vibrates 14 times per second, it is considered as beta level, at which level you are reading this, that is, you are doing worldly work. If the brain vibration is between 7 then it is considered alpha level. At this level you are drowsing or daydreaming just before you fall asleep and a few seconds after waking up. And when the pulsation starts at 4, when the brain is at the theta level, then you are just asleep, that is, you are far removed from the material world. Finally, when the brain wave 'beat' goes down from 4 to '0', the brain is at the delta level. At this time you may be unconscious or dead even alive!

Specific questions:

1. Does my body listen to the mind?

2. Does my mind listen to the body?

3. What is the junction of mind and body?

4. What is the brain and the mind?

5. What are the five senses and the sixth sense? Can I use all the five senses?

6. Can I change the world?

7. Can I influence objects?

8. Can I perceive my desired object through the full use of the senses?

9. Do I know myself?

10. Can I speak my mind? how long can?

11. What is spirituality?

12. What is materialism or reality?

13. Imagination or thought can influence my body and mind even if I don't want it?

14. Am I great?

15. What am I?

16. Is the speed of my mind per second more or less than the speed of light?

17. Can I not control my feelings?

18. Am I unable to control my mind?

19. Am I good or bad?

20. Am I capable of dividing reality with logic?

21. who am i ?