Photoshop is a popular graphics software. A big company named Adobe provides this Photoshop software. It is a commercial software. Also, there is another free open-source software named "Gimp" which is very popular graphics software. Adobe software is the most popular in the world. Very cheap copies of these software are available in the DVD market in all country.

The versions of Adobe Photoshop are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, CS, CS-2, CS-3, CS-4, CS-5, CS-6, CC-13 > > > CC-23



In what year did Adobe software start?

Adobe Photoshop software is commonly used for photo editing in studios. Besides, this software is now a gem for web designing. Most of the graphics used on web sites are done using this software. Because it is very easy to use and its tradition is very old. So most of the experts can run this software.

Along with Photoshop software, Adobe company has another important software that controls printing graphics. The name of this software is Adobe Illustrator. It works on print output with 4 colors. Usually after finishing the work in Photoshop, the print output is set up with Illustrator graphics software or the final setup output is given. Such as various Banners, Posters, Visiting-cards, Book covers etc. are almost all printed with this software.

These Photoshop "Graphics Expert" people are earning the most money in the current IT corporate freelancing world. There is also a lot of demand for it! Apple company's laptop or desktop computer is definitely the best for doing graphics work. Also, graphics software can be done very well on any PC. But in this case, RAM (Random Access Memory) and graphics card should be increased.

First we need to know:

What is the title bar?

Answer: After opening Photoshop, the long bar at the top, where the initial name of a document appears, is called the title bar.

Then you need to know what Menu bar?

Answer: The second bar that contains File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, View, etc. is the main Menu bar.

After that, what is the Tool bar?

Answer: The bar containing different images like small icons or faces under the menu bar is called tool bar. When any tool is selected with the mouse, its options or functions are displayed here and changed.

What is Taskbar?

Answer: Taskbar is the bar at the bottom of the software windows is called Taskbar.

What are Photoshop Tools?

Photoshop tools means tools just like a mason or a carpenter or an artist needs a list of tools needed while designing graphics in photoshop. They can be found right-left or above right after installing photoshop. There are numerous icon-like faces arranged below. A designer needs to use these tools or equipment. If you click and hold the mouse on any tool from the tool bar, you can see several hidden tools hidden inside it. Each The student should learn the use of each tool and then use any 2 or 3 tools more than any 2 or 3 tools according to his preference, such as the Pen tool.

Using the Pen tool is the most popular of all the tools in Photoshop. You have to remember the name of each tool. You have to click and hold on the tool icon to observe the functions hidden inside it. How to make a Button, how to make a Web banner, Visiting card, how to make a Picture from a photo or passport size Photo etc. There are many tasks that cannot be finished, without mixing these tasks together, if you learn which tasks are considered professionally. Career should be built after thinking according to the plan before jumping into work. Those who will learn as a hobby is a different matter altogether.


The Filter menu, like other tools in Photoshop, is very important and fun. Here are some auto pre-made effects that when applied to any photo instantly changes the design of the photo in an amazing way. This is the real magic area of ​​Photoshop

The use of the Brush tool in Photoshop is so important. Think about it. Can an artist use paint without a brush? It's the same thing here. If you select and hold the brass tool, more types of custom brass will appear in front of you. After selecting the color and placing the mouse on the new file, the appearance of the brass will appear. According to your needs, you can download and install various software from the internet online.


Not to mention the use of Style tools. It's a great tool. It is not designed to fill any selected area with a specific design. There are many styles available for free download from the internet and some plugins, brushes, styles, wallpapers etc are valuable by default with the Photoshop disk purchased from our local stores. Data is available, you can check them and get benefits.

Many people find it difficult or unable to buy Photoshop tutorial package DVDs and learn by watching at home. There is simply everything organized by project. So where is the real problem?

What is a keyboard shortcut?


Keyboard shortcuts are one such technique!

To be continuing…