Addiction is a type of pull. Which do people want to do again and again? And on which a kind of dependence is created. Work over which a person has no control. Anything (action) done repeatedly becomes a habit but is controlled. When it becomes uncontrollable it becomes unhealthy behavior i.e. addictive behavior. If he does not work, then the person will feel bad. Being unable to adapt to anything will create instability. Addiction can be of various types, but to understand addiction, both physical and human aspects must be understood first. Addiction to drugs destroys the physical balance more and behavioral or behavioral (compulsive behavior) addiction or tension destroys the human balance. And the effect of human damage works more in people's life than physical. Any physical addiction usually accounts for three to five percent, while human disease or addiction or compulsive behavioral dependence accounts for ninety-five to ninety-seven percent. So be careful!Habits and addictions should not be confused; addictions and habits should not be considered the same. Nothing is too equal. Waking up in the morning is definitely a good habit but overeating is definitely not a good habit, it's an addiction! Excess is not good. Oversleeping is a kind of addiction! Over-talking, over-thinking, overspending, over-exercising are all post-addiction stages. The habit should be controlled by balancing both the positive and negative aspects. 


Here is a list of the most addictive things


  • Intoxication or use of medicines, drugs or narcotics causes addiction.
  • Sexual intercourse or illicit sex is a type of addiction.
  • Excessive consumption of foods like cake, coke, coffee, caffeine, oily snacks and fatty foods can lead to addiction.
  • Being involved in stealing or criminal negative activities is a type of addiction.
  • Oversleeping or marathon sleeping is also an addiction.
  • Spending extra money is an addiction.
  • Excessive anger-stubbornness, irritable mood is an addictive disease.
  • Suspicion or distrust, guilt, fear are also causes of addiction.
  • Excessive video game playing also becomes addictive.
  • Addictions such as spending days and nights with computers or mobiles are deadly addictions.
  • Gambling addiction.
  • Rangbaji and Batwari are addictive behaviors.
  • Over thinking (anxiety) is a fatal addiction.
  • Regular consumption of medicines as per doctor's prescription also leads to addiction.
  • Watching pornographic images or (blue images) (videos) is a harmful addiction.
  • Masturbishment or self-centered physical masturbation or (home sex) homosexuality is also at the stage of gross addiction.

In short, if something good (habit) loses control or goes out of control, then it can bring degradation in life as a harmful addiction or addiction at any moment, suddenly...So always be aware that any work or habit does not go out of control no matter how good the work or habit is? 

Computer or mobile addicts have all the compulsive behaviors:


  • After being lonely (room corner)
  • After becoming antisocial.
  • Wakes up at night and sleeps during the day.
  • A lot of money is spent on the internet.
  • They trap their lives and wills in a certain zone where no one else is allowed to enter.
  • More than one person is interested in using electronic gadgets or devices.
  • Time loses wisdom.
  • What happens next, or is happening, or the responsibility of the person, every eccentricity comes (Dam care).
  • What Dunge thinks and understands is wrong (opposite) but right.
  • He forgets his position and lives in an unreal imaginary world.
  • After becoming a central monolith.
  • Becomes evasive and apathetic in studies, work.
  • Everyone thinks they are big.
  • Doing the same thing over and over without doing any logical thing may not bring any benefit even after a long time.
  • Ways to get rid of the addiction of using electronic devices.

 It doesn't take a survey to understand that the number of computer and mobile users is the highest in the world, just an idea is enough. Possible ways to get rid of computer and mobile addiction:-

  • Must be present i.e. not hypnotized while working or driving on mobile or computer. Keep a watchful eye on what is happening around you.
  • Do not watch mobile/computer/TV at night or till late night or all night or even morning.
  • A definite plan (time-table) should be kept for doing any important work or entertainment through mobile/computer/internet/TV.
  • Avoid the monotonous thought of finishing everything in one day.
  • Misuse or misuse of social media is not acceptable.
  • Minors should not divulge information or documents to adults.
  • Being addicted to a serial multimedia series cannot be arrested as a fatal addiction.
  • Try to remove yourself from the work that is beyond your ability.
  • Do not indulge in daydreaming.
  • Sockeye glasses should be used and the prescribed distance should be maintained.
  • Adequate water and balanced food should be eaten on time.
  • Adequate amount of exercise and rest should be taken.
  • Internet/computer/mobile/TV usage time should be fixed (timeline).
  • When using these devices or gadgets, the family should provide necessary support.
  • Habits of reading books, magazines, literature, news etc
  • Sports, exercise, meditation, prayer (namaz) should be practiced.Engage in healthy recreation indoors and outdoors.Values should be raised about the misuse of technology to solve their problems with the humanity of doing good for the welfare of people.

Above all, those who do not have a profession (trade) of computer or mobile programming must take personal initiative to learn about the unnecessary, excessive misuse of these electronics gadgets, devices, devices to avoid its consequences.