Computer hardware servicing is the method or technique used to manage all the body parts of a computer if it fails to function properly. Money had to be spent. But now computers are so cheap Everyone thinks about buying a new computer if it costs money. Also, since they have learned to setup Windows software and do basic hardware troubleshooting, there is no need for computer hardware servicing anymore. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Many people understand that computer hardware can work but his own computer has been useless for a long time. Because he doesn't have time to sit down with it, again, there are many who don't even want to clean their PC for fear of being ruined! They will be in the same situation as the VCR servicing makers, then someone else will go to the store and use the computer Do not want to get it sireale maintain. Whoever has a problem, he will try to solve it himself or he will leave it in vain.


What are the problems that need PC or laptop servicing (troubleshooting)?


  1. Computer power comes but the picture does not come on the monitor?
  2. When the computer is fully turned on, do the screen show zigzag lines of different colors or tingle?
  3. Suddenly “blue-screen” or black screen appears on the computer?
  4. After running for a while, the computer speed becomes very slow?
  5. Does the body of the computer become very hot?
  6. Does the PC hang when you enter the website on the internet?
  7. Is the computer making loud noises after starting?
  8. DVD tray not opening? Or opening automatically again and again and closing again?
  9. Your PC is not taking "operating system" such as Windows or Linux setup?
  10. Windows logo comes and restarts on your PC again and again?
  11. Another command coming when you press the mouse?
  12. Inverted letters coming to the computer keyboard?
  13. Mouse cursor visible but not moving?
  14. Which software is not being installed properly?
  15. Even if some software is uninstalled, it is not being removed or deleted?

Here is a list of the most common problems for computers. There are also thousands of problems.