Our college and university students are often seen writing computer skills like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Email, Browsing etc. in their CVs. But is it actually a part-time job or full-time?

Can he give any one of the tasks during the job? If you think deeply about how much you can do, it's a lot!!

Many people say that they are useless! I give what I need to give. Yes this is also partly true. But the reality is that no matter where you go, whatever work you start, you cannot skip/top the ladder of success as all kinds of businesses are dependent on computers these days. Even if you can, it will be a lot of trouble.

The biggest thing is that the functions of these official software’s are once most needed by themselves. So, wherever you are, learn the functions of office software, and even if you don't have the opportunity, keep it up by any means. Many have certificates but can't do anything while working. Because there is no practice. Especially for girls: As girls have to deal with many social rules and hostile environment, naturally there are many gaps in their opportunities. So even if you don't have time, if you can take a proper plan, then it will be seen that you can do a lot of good work with little learning.

If you want to point to the eyes, you have to say in detail:

 Always keep some notes or books/magazines on the computer close at hand. If you have time, blink for 20-30 minutes. In this, even big complex things will suddenly seem easy to you.

Use a small notebook + pencil so that when a valuable piece of information comes up or an idea comes up quickly, you don't forget it in the rush of work.

Review (re-evaluate). The human nature of learning a little bit every day strengthens human memory and experience. We often look for short cuts. Remember that slow and hard learning method is always more effective in learning. Many people do not have a personal computer (PC) in this case Android mobile is the only way. And if that is not there is no problem. Hand notes are the only hope.


 Will not go without Hal. Currently, the price of PC has reduced so much that it goes without saying. But there are many people whose PC is getting damaged later on but they are not doing any work or do not know anything about such work. Unbelievable but true there are 90% of such people (users) all over the world. So no PC is just a problem in computer learning. In the current context of Bangladesh, if you have a little effort and patience, you will find it. Many chatris face such a problem before entering the job after completing their studies that if someone had shown them a little, the previous learning would have been lost.


I could remember things. Now it's interview time!! Many complain that training centers do not teach well. I don't know how much percentage is true. But the main thing is to learn


By itself programs on CD and hand notes, tutorials will do nothing. You have to take it into account. Try to use your brain!