1. Do I know the name of my PC?
  2. Do I know my hard disk number?
  3. Can my PC view and read HTML pages from almost all servers on the current Internet?
  4. Do I use antivirus? What is the name of the antivirus?
  5. Is my operating system secure?
  6. What percentage of my operating system is immune to virus attacks?
  7. Is my PC password protected?
  8. Am I able to recover my PC password if I forget it?
  9. Have I been able to keep all my important passwords in a safe place?
  10. Is there any way I can recover all the data on my PC which is in different formats if it is destroyed due to an accident?
  11. Can I customize the login account on my computer?
  12. Do I know the vulnerabilities of my operating system?
  13. Am I able to clean up regular PC garbage or unnecessary data and programs at the end of daily work?
  14. Is it possible for me to make important configuration settings for the Internet with the operating system?
  15. Am I really safe using antivirus or is my antivirus expired?
  16. Do I understand the workings of antivirus?
  17. Do I keep ideas on my PC without antivirus?
  18. Should I use commercial operating system software or open source operating system?
  19. Can't I turn on all the control power on the operating system?
  20. Can I detect if someone else wants to access my PC while I am an internet user, that is, can I check myself?
  21. Can I group with another PC if I want to, that is, make a friendship communication connection when I need to share information?
  22. How can I identify if someone touches my PC without letting me know?
  23. Can I access my PC from mobile?
  24. Will I be able to exchange and communicate information from office to home PC or from home to office PC without any hassle?
  25. If someone unjustly attacks my PC, can I stop it?
  26. Can I keep all the data on my PC secret? Can I protect my password and user permissions?
  27. Don't I think it is appropriate and safe to transact money from my PC?
  28. Do I know the commands I need to execute to keep my PC healthy and safe and fast?
  29. Can I keep myself safe and comfortable by customizing the operating system of my choice?
  30. Can I customize and use my antivirus software?