You know, it is better to do your own work. But many times you need the help of others. Yes, that is why people are social creatures. However, today we will discuss how to apply for your job yourself? How to fill the job application form? How to find an accurate link and apply online?

First of all, job advertisers have some means to follow, such as: - Various magazines, websites, etc.

Newspapers include: Weekly job postings, Prothom Alo, Jugantar etc. We see more or less job advertisements in almost all the newspapers.

Website based ads: The same ads and many more ads are found on websites, such as: Job-Shaker, BD-Jobs, Cyber ​​BD, etc.

After collecting the initial information from these mediums, you need to think about the application process. Of course, the husband is given his initials with the advertisement. It should be understood a few times later. The application can be done online or offline. If you have to apply offline, you have to send the information form of the candidate through post office / courier service. At the end there is a link which is called web link. For example:

Http: //teletalk/ or


These are the two types of links. For government jobs it is usually like a link to Teletalk and in the case of private or private companies it may be like dot com or dot bd. And if you do not know the link, then go straight to Google. Search with the original "keyword". The list that will come up in Google, make sure that there is a similarity between the link you are searching for on the subject matter or the description below it.

However, according to the link, the page that will come, you have to take a good look at the page in which category you want to apply for the job? If there is more than one category, then click on the radio button, select and move forward. Here you have to input the correct information, you have while filling the form. If you do not have any information or if you have any doubts, refrain from filling up the form. Complete the work with an experienced person or an expert from a local shop.

Usually birth year, voter ID number, next year there are many mistakes in filling these, so you have to be aware of them. Students are requested to adopt a strategy, which is to copy and paste the SSC or HSC roll and registration number from the Google web base result directly from this webpage by viewing the student's marksheet information from the official data repository. All you have to do is enter your name, parent's name, address, roll, registration, year of birth, etc. on the job form. The image is then given a specific size, such as: 300 pixels multiplied by 300 pixels (100 kilobytes) and scanned by typing your own signature and browsing at a certain place by approximately 300 pixels multiplied by 80 pixels (50 kilobytes). You have to upload. Each organization can give different sizes and sizes, it must be taken seriously. There will be no such thing as one-size ad neiechara mendatari has some form of mandatory fill them. These mandatory forms are marked with * (star) next to the cells which means that the form will not be filled if this cell is not filled. If everything is correct in the mentioned job advertisement, then by clicking on the Next button, the complete form will be displayed in front of you in the form of a profile. If all is well, click on the submit button. 10 to 15 seconds after the submission, a final page will appear where the print and download will be written. Clicking on the download button will save the file as a soft copy in PDF format inside the computer. Then you can print a hard copy if you want.

Now let's talk about payment. Although you can apply online, there are many people who have problems with payment. Most of the applicants have to run after the application to find out who has a Teletalk SIM or Sure Cash, B-Cash to find these payment methods. There are some organizations that have started filling up the application form with advance payment 72 hours after the last date of payment of the application to be rejected is not complete.

If the payment is successful, one / two short message will be sent to the personal mobile number of the candidate. According to the ID number in that message, you have to send the return message by writing the code number given in the paper mentioned in the advertisement. (The message has to be sent exactly as written by the authority.) If everything is correct, a successful message will be found mentioning ID password. Download and print the entry form from the same website using the password as per the announcement of the specified time and the test center, and the time it will be possible to know about the information.