Even today's shorts-wearing mobile phone-wielding underage kids know the meaning of freelancer. Free profession Outsourcing is the work done by freelancers independently without being contracted to anyone. Freelancing and outsourcing are the back and forth of the coin. Understanding the meaning of one leads to the understanding of the other.

There is a misconception among many that one cannot become a freelancer if one is not very talented or intelligent. It means nothing like that, students whose roll number is always from 1 to 10 in the class can do freelancing only for them. And the rest are asses. It may not be possible for them to become a freelancer. They have to be forced, garment workers or grocers or any number of other professions. Freelancing outsourcing or mobile related technology jobs or business must be smart business (sophisticated and modern).

A few days ago, many bankers did not know the name of the freelance profession. When opening an account, he frowned and said, "Is this a profession again?"

Nowadays, it is often heard that someone was a humanities student, but computer programming is not a good thing, but he is earning dollars from the internet online. It is also heard that the girls are now sitting at home and earning a good amount of money by freelancing and outsourcing.

In fact, what is the matter here? Why this dilemma, foggy and smoky in this free profession illusion? What is the right training to succeed in the free profession? Fresher’s have hundreds of such questions which they are constantly looking for answers online or offline. In search once they get frustrated and feel hopeless and feel themselves failed and want to get rid of this profession.

Some time life and reality forced him to join any other profession against his choice. In underdeveloped countries, freelancing is defined as being able to earn dollars in any way through the internet online. There is no compulsion to memorize programming code for this. On the other hand, in advanced technology countries, they are considered as outsourcers if they can do quality work on time by other skilled workers, whether they have talent or qualification. People of low technology countries do it and people of advanced technology countries do it. Some are artisans, some are artists. The original sense of the artist is certainly more than that of the craftsman.
Freelancing teaches a few key success factors:

The mindset of starting everything from scratch is to strengthen humanity.
Utilize the necessary tools for better communication.
Creating the humanity of constantly learning something new.
Increase social interaction.
Dealing with problems with great patience and persistence.
Backing up data.
Practice and maintain practice.
Having a regular business plan instead of being a freelancer or freelancer forever.
Having lots of money in hand is actually protecting yourself from making big bad decisions.
Trying to be 99% proficient in any subject of computer and mobile technology.
Keeping a clear and transparent understanding of the means of money transactions.
Use the latest technology to protect your projects.
Try to teach yourself without learning from anyone.
Assessing time.
Finishing any work started.
Being honest and aware of responsibility.
Learning from failure and not making the same mistakes over and over again.
Not imitating or duplicating others.
Regular hardworking mind to retain humanity.
Relying on the power of imagination rather than the power of will.
Love your work with joy. Don't underestimate small tasks.
Accelerating the growth of work results by making work more productive.
Before starting each task, foresee what the outcome will be or may be during the work and at the end of the work.
Acknowledging (identified) any limitations or deficiencies in one's work, competence, skills, technology and taking corrective action immediately.
Have short-term, long-term and lifetime strategic goal setting.
Keeping the mindset of learning as well as earning.
It is unwise (foolish) to switch to another subject until one has acquired complete competence and competence.