1. Give up in frustration.
2.Lack or absence of necessary equipment for technical communication.
3.Having little or no linguistic ability or competence.
4.Not having the minimum knowledge about financial transactions such as dollar, cryptocurrency, banking  payment system, mobile banking, e-commerce, m-commerce, SSL gateway.
5.Lack of proper planning or not being able to properly plan.
6.Being interested in one subject at a time and finally not being able to master any subject completely.
7.Not being aware of the International Global Time Table.

8.Inability to produce quality work output.
9.Staying up at night or getting sick physically and mentally due to overwork.
10.Swimming in the world of the Internet and losing yourself in the wrong way.
11.Doing unimportant purposeless tasks without doing what needs to be done first.
12.Not being able to do the right thing at the right time.
13.Not being honest and aware of one's responsibility.
14.Afraid to work.
15.Accepting failure without trying again and again (thinking that nothing will happen by me).
16.Inability to solve ethical and technical problems for a long time.
17.Inability to work or learn by determining which subjects are in high demand.
18.Lack of a guide liner.
19.Not having the humanity of working in a team or group means having the humanity of working alone.
20.Don't harbor the misconception that you will learn full-time work and then start freelancing.
21.I'm not a science student so I don't think there would be much in computer programming.
22.Afraid to maintain contact with buyers or clients hesitation.