Episode: 1


         Life Cycle in Bengal and Curriculum Vitae in English which is abbreviated as Curriculum Vitae (CV). Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be of several types. Generally for any institutional requirement a person may be required to produce and submit a CV or Curriculum Vitae .

How to make a Curriculum Vitae (CV) yourself?

There are some things that are good for writing letters, writing applications, writing life stories, doing these things yourself. Because it's a very important thing. If a job seeker submits a CV for himself in a type job and he can't write his own CV, how will he do other people's work? Creating your own CV is a basic minimum requirement. Creating your own CV, not just for job seekers, but for students of all classes, especially for students, is a special skill or ability that will be useful throughout life.

Commercial stores usually produce 1-page or 2-page Curriculum Vitae. Those who create a brand-new CV (students, Fresh, Novice) first make a 5-page Curriculum Vitae. And in the case of those who are old employees or whose qualifications are much higher (Expert, Master) it is seen that they are using 3/4 page Curriculum Vitae. We also see wedding Curriculum Vitae or family contact Curriculum Vitae being made in commercial computer stores. The point is, learning a CV is a very rewarding and commendable skill.

The CV can be created and used by downloading the CV from the Internet online. Every kind of CV format is available in the Internet world. But it is best to make it from a local computer. Formatting a CV is a very important issue for any competing Pathani job candidates, as there are hundreds of thousands of talented and qualified people who will try to survive on various strategies with their own ideas, abilities and their creativity. In these cases, the interviewers are very skilled so that they can understand with their Curriculum Vitae in hand that any CV has been composed by them or made from the shop or downloaded from the internet with the help of copy-paste. It is certainly not a matter of shame because the reality is that it is a matter of one's will and taste. Thousands of people are employed, they all got jobs by writing a CV in their own hands? No matter what it is! Creating your own Curriculum Vitae means just an outward manifestation of one's own personality. How important can a biography of just 2 pages be that in the case of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) job, "if approved", the person will spend 20-30 years in the job. In a word, a 2-page CV means that a "person" is selling himself in the job market!

# What is the difference between Bengali "Biography" and English "Curriculum Vitae"?

1.Bengali Curriculum Vitae:

2.English Curriculum Vitae

Use of Bangla Curriculum Vitae:

In general, Bangla life is often used more in the field of public servants. Bengali Curriculum Vitae (CV) is also prevalent in case of family acquaintance or marriage Curriculum Vitae (CV). Besides, Bangla Curriculum Vitae is seen to be used more in various NGOs and Madrasa. Besides, English Curriculum Vitae (CV) is used almost everywhere. English Curriculum Vitae is most prevalent in private corporate organizations.

What are the types of life stories and what?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) type:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Resume Summary
  3. Experience and Accomplishments
  4. Associations and Certifications (Optional)
  5. Education
  6. Skills
  7. Additional Sections


Things not to do in Curriculum Vitae (CV):

1.Do not use excessive color bar, bullet-point, underline bold-italic or writing font stylings. Attention is attracted to this, but the cause of the annoyance!

2.Without the professional background, you should not paint pictures that are commonly used on social media like Face book.

3.If the organization does not specify, do not scan the handwritten signature and attach it to the Curriculum Vitae (CV).

4.Enter the current address (especially the personal cell phone number that is always open / active) correctly so that if the Curriculum Vitae (CV) is approved by the organization, it is possible to contact immediately.

5. Do not write false or misleading any educational qualifications or job qualifications.

6. Do not use any extra pages as needed.

7. Unless specified, do not attach glue to the Curriculum Vitae (CV), use a stapler pin.

8. Never go for your own Curriculum Vitae (CV) like any other Curriculum Vitae (CV). But at least make an exception, as there is a difference between one man and another.

9.Be careful when folding the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Do not fold in such a way. Break from the two sides of the page and fold 3 times in the middle to the same size as the envelope. This allows you to easily enter and exit the envelope if needed.

10.Before sending a Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Life Circle, teach it to someone who has experienced it for a while. If there is a serious mistake or any feedback or suggestions, act accordingly and at the end of a good quality envelope in the right place sender and receiver (Receive | Sender) correct information.


Episode: 2

      The importance and requirements of typewritten Curriculum Vitae (CV) are gradually diminishing! The reason is that the international market for some digital jobs has been created in the global marketplace. Websites such as: "LinkedIn", "Up work", "Freelancer" etc. On this kind of website, they create their own profiles or Curriculum Vitae (CV) and portfolios. Even though the work can be done in a short period of time, the work is so good that if you have an account on all these web sites, and if the account profile is 5% full, then from there. The official requirement is being met. This means that almost all companies are now adopting digital Curriculum Vitae (CV) / profiles. This is definitely a state-of-the-art process. In this case, it is possible to make your own profile in a timely and standard way, so its importance is increasing day by day. Just as the letter post has been stopped, submission of the paper CV will also be stopped due to the online profile. That day is not too far away!!

     In addition to creating your own Curriculum Vitae (CV) / profile, no one can update or create another person's CV or another company's Curriculum Vitae (CV), so it doesn't matter; He will also be able to earn as a professional through the freelancing internet from minimum 500/- to 5000/- taka () per hour. Writing such a Curriculum Vitae (CV) (profile) is earning thousands of rupees per hour, it is not unknown to anyone today. What a little merit, but what a chance! So if one can make his own Curriculum Vitae (CV) well, then he can make another. From here, he gets a chance to earn money or do part-time or full-time job. What could be better than this!!

     So without any further delay or neglect, I spend a little time and attention on writing my own Resume, Curriculum Vitae, profile whatever the reason why I don't like it. The profit will be entirely personal. No one will share in the profit. This small job for a job or a business will honor and benefit you in many ways. Once you get the job done in your head, the results will be gradual. Keep enjoying… for a lifetime.



             To be continue...


         Photoshop is a popular graphics software. A big company named Adobe provides this Photoshop software. It is a commercial software. Also, there is another free open-source software named "Gimp" which is very popular graphics software. Adobe software is the most popular in the world. Very cheap copies of these software are available in the DVD market in all country.

The versions of Adobe Photoshop are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, CS, CS-2, CS-3, CS-4, CS-5, CS-6, CC-13 > > > CC-23



In what year did Adobe software start?

Adobe Photoshop software is commonly used for photo editing in studios. Besides, this software is now a gem for web designing. Most of the graphics used on web sites are done using this software. Because it is very easy to use and its tradition is very old. So most of the experts can run this software.

Along with Photoshop software, Adobe company has another important software that controls printing graphics. The name of this software is Adobe Illustrator. It works on print output with 4 colors. Usually after finishing the work in Photoshop, the print output is set up with Illustrator graphics software or the final setup output is given. Such as various Banners, Posters, Visiting-cards, Book covers etc. are almost all printed with this software.

These Photoshop "Graphics Expert" people are earning the most money in the current IT corporate freelancing world. There is also a lot of demand for it! Apple company's laptop or desktop computer is definitely the best for doing graphics work. Also, graphics software can be done very well on any PC. But in this case, RAM (Random Access Memory) and graphics card should be increased.

First we need to know:

What is the title bar?

Answer: After opening Photoshop, the long bar at the top, where the initial name of a document appears, is called the title bar.

Then you need to know what Menu bar?

Answer: The second bar that contains File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, View, etc. is the main Menu bar.

After that, what is the Tool bar?

Answer: The bar containing different images like small icons or faces under the menu bar is called tool bar. When any tool is selected with the mouse, its options or functions are displayed here and changed.

What is Taskbar?

Answer: Taskbar is the bar at the bottom of the software windows is called Taskbar.

What are Photoshop Tools?

Photoshop tools means tools just like a mason or a carpenter or an artist needs a list of tools needed while designing graphics in photoshop. They can be found right-left or above right after installing photoshop. There are numerous icon-like faces arranged below. A designer needs to use these tools or equipment. If you click and hold the mouse on any tool from the tool bar, you can see several hidden tools hidden inside it. Each The student should learn the use of each tool and then use any 2 or 3 tools more than any 2 or 3 tools according to his preference, such as the Pen tool.

Using the Pen tool is the most popular of all the tools in Photoshop. You have to remember the name of each tool. You have to click and hold on the tool icon to observe the functions hidden inside it. How to make a Button, how to make a Web banner, Visiting card, how to make a Picture from a photo or passport size Photo etc. There are many tasks that cannot be finished, without mixing these tasks together, if you learn which tasks are considered professionally. Career should be built after thinking according to the plan before jumping into work. Those who will learn as a hobby is a different matter altogether.


The Filter menu, like other tools in Photoshop, is very important and fun. Here are some auto pre-made effects that when applied to any photo instantly changes the design of the photo in an amazing way. This is the real magic area of ​​Photoshop

The use of the Brush tool in Photoshop is so important. Think about it. Can an artist use paint without a brush? It's the same thing here. If you select and hold the brass tool, more types of custom brass will appear in front of you. After selecting the color and placing the mouse on the new file, the appearance of the brass will appear. According to your needs, you can download and install various software from the internet online.


Not to mention the use of Style tools. It's a great tool. It is not designed to fill any selected area with a specific design. There are many styles available for free download from the internet and some plugins, brushes, styles, wallpapers etc are valuable by default with the Photoshop disk purchased from our local stores. Data is available, you can check them and get benefits.

Many people find it difficult or unable to buy Photoshop tutorial package DVDs and learn by watching at home. There is simply everything organized by project. So where is the real problem?

What is a keyboard shortcut?


Keyboard shortcuts are one such technique!

To be continuing…



         Addiction is a type of pull. Which do people want to do again and again? And on which a kind of dependence is created. Work over which a person has no control. Anything (action) done repeatedly becomes a habit but is controlled. When it becomes uncontrollable it becomes unhealthy behavior i.e. addictive behavior. If he does not work, then the person will feel bad. Being unable to adapt to anything will create instability. Addiction can be of various types, but to understand addiction, both physical and human aspects must be understood first. Addiction to drugs destroys the physical balance more and behavioral or behavioral (compulsive behavior) addiction or tension destroys the human balance. And the effect of human damage works more in people's life than physical. Any physical addiction usually accounts for three to five percent, while human disease or addiction or compulsive behavioral dependence accounts for ninety-five to ninety-seven percent. So be careful!Habits and addictions should not be confused; addictions and habits should not be considered the same. Nothing is too equal. Waking up in the morning is definitely a good habit but overeating is definitely not a good habit, it's an addiction! Excess is not good. Oversleeping is a kind of addiction! Over-talking, over-thinking, overspending, over-exercising are all post-addiction stages. The habit should be controlled by balancing both the positive and negative aspects. 


Here is a list of the most addictive things


  • Intoxication or use of medicines, drugs or narcotics causes addiction.
  • Sexual intercourse or illicit sex is a type of addiction.
  • Excessive consumption of foods like cake, coke, coffee, caffeine, oily snacks and fatty foods can lead to addiction.
  • Being involved in stealing or criminal negative activities is a type of addiction.
  • Oversleeping or marathon sleeping is also an addiction.
  • Spending extra money is an addiction.
  • Excessive anger-stubbornness, irritable mood is an addictive disease.
  • Suspicion or distrust, guilt, fear are also causes of addiction.
  • Excessive video game playing also becomes addictive.
  • Addictions such as spending days and nights with computers or mobiles are deadly addictions.
  • Gambling addiction.
  • Rangbaji and Batwari are addictive behaviors.
  • Over thinking (anxiety) is a fatal addiction.
  • Regular consumption of medicines as per doctor's prescription also leads to addiction.
  • Watching pornographic images or (blue images) (videos) is a harmful addiction.
  • Masturbishment or self-centered physical masturbation or (home sex) homosexuality is also at the stage of gross addiction.

In short, if something good (habit) loses control or goes out of control, then it can bring degradation in life as a harmful addiction or addiction at any moment, suddenly...So always be aware that any work or habit does not go out of control no matter how good the work or habit is? 

Computer or mobile addicts have all the compulsive behaviors:


  • After being lonely (room corner)
  • After becoming antisocial.
  • Wakes up at night and sleeps during the day.
  • A lot of money is spent on the internet.
  • They trap their lives and wills in a certain zone where no one else is allowed to enter.
  • More than one person is interested in using electronic gadgets or devices.
  • Time loses wisdom.
  • What happens next, or is happening, or the responsibility of the person, every eccentricity comes (Dam care).
  • What Dunge thinks and understands is wrong (opposite) but right.
  • He forgets his position and lives in an unreal imaginary world.
  • After becoming a central monolith.
  • Becomes evasive and apathetic in studies, work.
  • Everyone thinks they are big.
  • Doing the same thing over and over without doing any logical thing may not bring any benefit even after a long time.
  • Ways to get rid of the addiction of using electronic devices.

 It doesn't take a survey to understand that the number of computer and mobile users is the highest in the world, just an idea is enough. Possible ways to get rid of computer and mobile addiction:-

  • Must be present i.e. not hypnotized while working or driving on mobile or computer. Keep a watchful eye on what is happening around you.
  • Do not watch mobile/computer/TV at night or till late night or all night or even morning.
  • A definite plan (time-table) should be kept for doing any important work or entertainment through mobile/computer/internet/TV.
  • Avoid the monotonous thought of finishing everything in one day.
  • Misuse or misuse of social media is not acceptable.
  • Minors should not divulge information or documents to adults.
  • Being addicted to a serial multimedia series cannot be arrested as a fatal addiction.
  • Try to remove yourself from the work that is beyond your ability.
  • Do not indulge in daydreaming.
  • Sockeye glasses should be used and the prescribed distance should be maintained.
  • Adequate water and balanced food should be eaten on time.
  • Adequate amount of exercise and rest should be taken.
  • Internet/computer/mobile/TV usage time should be fixed (timeline).
  • When using these devices or gadgets, the family should provide necessary support.
  • Habits of reading books, magazines, literature, news etc
  • Sports, exercise, meditation, prayer (namaz) should be practiced.Engage in healthy recreation indoors and outdoors.Values should be raised about the misuse of technology to solve their problems with the humanity of doing good for the welfare of people.

Above all, those who do not have a profession (trade) of computer or mobile programming must take personal initiative to learn about the unnecessary, excessive misuse of these electronics gadgets, devices, devices to avoid its consequences. 




      Computer hardware servicing is the method or technique used to manage all the body parts of a computer if it fails to function properly. Money had to be spent. But now computers are so cheap Everyone thinks about buying a new computer if it costs money. Also, since they have learned to setup Windows software and do basic hardware troubleshooting, there is no need for computer hardware servicing anymore. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Many people understand that computer hardware can work but his own computer has been useless for a long time. Because he doesn't have time to sit down with it, again, there are many who don't even want to clean their PC for fear of being ruined! They will be in the same situation as the VCR servicing makers, then someone else will go to the store and use the computer Do not want to get it sireale maintain. Whoever has a problem, he will try to solve it himself or he will leave it in vain.


What are the problems that need PC or laptop servicing (troubleshooting)?


  1. Computer power comes but the picture does not come on the monitor?
  2. When the computer is fully turned on, do the screen show zigzag lines of different colors or tingle?
  3. Suddenly “blue-screen” or black screen appears on the computer?
  4. After running for a while, the computer speed becomes very slow?
  5. Does the body of the computer become very hot?
  6. Does the PC hang when you enter the website on the internet?
  7. Is the computer making loud noises after starting?
  8. DVD tray not opening? Or opening automatically again and again and closing again?
  9. Your PC is not taking "operating system" such as Windows or Linux setup?
  10. Windows logo comes and restarts on your PC again and again?
  11. Another command coming when you press the mouse?
  12. Inverted letters coming to the computer keyboard?
  13. Mouse cursor visible but not moving?
  14. Which software is not being installed properly?
  15. Even if some software is uninstalled, it is not being removed or deleted?

Here is a list of the most common problems for computers. There are also thousands of problems.



     Our college and university students are often seen writing computer skills like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Email, Browsing etc. in their CVs. But is it actually a part-time job or full-time?

Can he give any one of the tasks during the job? If you think deeply about how much you can do, it's a lot!!

Many people say that they are useless! I give what I need to give. Yes this is also partly true. But the reality is that no matter where you go, whatever work you start, you cannot skip/top the ladder of success as all kinds of businesses are dependent on computers these days. Even if you can, it will be a lot of trouble.

The biggest thing is that the functions of these official software’s are once most needed by themselves. So, wherever you are, learn the functions of office software, and even if you don't have the opportunity, keep it up by any means. Many have certificates but can't do anything while working. Because there is no practice. Especially for girls: As girls have to deal with many social rules and hostile environment, naturally there are many gaps in their opportunities. So even if you don't have time, if you can take a proper plan, then it will be seen that you can do a lot of good work with little learning.

If you want to point to the eyes, you have to say in detail:

 Always keep some notes or books/magazines on the computer close at hand. If you have time, blink for 20-30 minutes. In this, even big complex things will suddenly seem easy to you.

Use a small notebook + pencil so that when a valuable piece of information comes up or an idea comes up quickly, you don't forget it in the rush of work.

Review (re-evaluate). The human nature of learning a little bit every day strengthens human memory and experience. We often look for short cuts. Remember that slow and hard learning method is always more effective in learning. Many people do not have a personal computer (PC) in this case Android mobile is the only way. And if that is not there is no problem. Hand notes are the only hope.


 Will not go without Hal. Currently, the price of PC has reduced so much that it goes without saying. But there are many people whose PC is getting damaged later on but they are not doing any work or do not know anything about such work. Unbelievable but true there are 90% of such people (users) all over the world. So no PC is just a problem in computer learning. In the current context of Bangladesh, if you have a little effort and patience, you will find it. Many chatris face such a problem before entering the job after completing their studies that if someone had shown them a little, the previous learning would have been lost.


I could remember things. Now it's interview time!! Many complain that training centers do not teach well. I don't know how much percentage is true. But the main thing is to learn


By itself programs on CD and hand notes, tutorials will do nothing. You have to take it into account. Try to use your brain!



       The details of H.T.M.L are "Hyper Text Markup Language". This is the most popular and necessary web language in the world of Internet. When we open any browser, we can see what this language looks like. 100% of the websites or webpages in the world that we see on our mobile or laptop or computer screen are displayed thanks to this H.T.M.L For example: Facebook page, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. all types of websites are made with H.T.M.L language.

To see how the H.T.M.L code looks like, first open any browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera Mini, Parle MoonBrave Browser Software and click the right button of the mouse. View Page Source Click on this menu, how many codes will come out. The primary codes of any webpage can be viewed like this.

H.T.M.L has another sibling language which can be understood by comparing it with a coin or coin. A coin has two sides. Both aspects are important. One is dead without the other. The same applies to HTML + CSS. See details in CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Just as we design various graphics in Photoshop, CSS for web page design works in the same way as Photoshop. CSS codes are not normally seen in HTML pages. The codes are activated by placing them separately through the link code, but the CSS code works very well even if written inside the HTML. Muscles of the body, nose, mouth and eyes, without which the body will not look like a human will look like a ghost. So H.T.M.L code looks like a ghost at first, then after matching color, size, font, right-left, etc. with CSS, the actual design or design emerges. Web design actually means these two languages. It is done with Java and PHP languages ​​are fully functional scripts. Most of their codes are hidden on the server but their results are exposed through HTML + CSS combination web pages. In short, all other programming languages ​​also depend on this HTML + CSS.

The most important website to learn Html, Css web designing is www.w3cschool.com.This website has all the necessary computer languages, especially the programming languages ​​used for web developing, with proper tutorials. Totally free.


Types of H.T.M.L

H.T. M. L
D. H. T. M. L
XH. T. M. L
X. M. L


What is HTML Editor?


The HTML editor is called WYSIWYG. That is, what you see is what you get.

  • Notepad/Notepad++
  • Dreamweaver
  • CoffeeCup HTML Editor
  • Apache NetBeans
  • Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor

    These are webpage editor software like MS Word. Their job is to automatically cut the beginning and end of the code that needs to be written. Also, some drag and drop designs are possible by dragging and dropping with the mouse. The main concept or power is taken by the brain. If the plan is set in the brain, how to input some codes, then it is possible to design a complete webpage even using the normal notepad software.


Basic HTML Code: HTML Boilerplate


<DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">

<html> start

<head> head start

<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge">
<title>HTML 5 Boilerplate</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.css">

<title>I am the webpage title</title>

</head> head end


<body> body start


<div id=header> start

<h1>I am the webpage header</h1>

</div> header end

<div id=content> start

<p>this is a paragraph</p>

</div> content end

</div> <!--this is an html comments-->

<script src="/index.js">

This is java script file linking code line like Bootstrap



</body> body end


</html> html end

You have to write this much and save it. It is very important when saving that the page should be written as home or index and saved by writing HTML with a dot, for example: home.html / index.html. If you notice, you can see where the file is saved. The file is not displayed as an ordinary file. The file is displayed as an icon of an Internet browser software, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer! This is the first web page! Double click will open and you will see two normal lines on the page or The sentence is so. One “I am the header of the web page” Two “This is a paragraph.” This is the basic principle of creating a website or web page: just as the camera is focused on the screen from the back of the movie screen, if you write something in the backend and save it, everything is displayed like the movie screen in the front end.


Basic CSS Code:



margin: 0px;



background-color: orange;

background-image: url("/img/matriximg.jpg");

background-attachment: fixed;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: center;









Save style.css by writing it like this: style.css


  • Attribute
  • Property
  • Tag                                                                    

                                              To be continue...

  1. Do I know the name of my PC?
  2. Do I know my hard disk number?
  3. Can my PC view and read HTML pages from almost all servers on the current Internet?
  4. Do I use antivirus? What is the name of the antivirus?
  5. Is my operating system secure?
  6. What percentage of my operating system is immune to virus attacks?
  7. Is my PC password protected?
  8. Am I able to recover my PC password if I forget it?
  9. Have I been able to keep all my important passwords in a safe place?
  10. Is there any way I can recover all the data on my PC which is in different formats if it is destroyed due to an accident?
  11. Can I customize the login account on my computer?
  12. Do I know the vulnerabilities of my operating system?
  13. Am I able to clean up regular PC garbage or unnecessary data and programs at the end of daily work?
  14. Is it possible for me to make important configuration settings for the Internet with the operating system?
  15. Am I really safe using antivirus or is my antivirus expired?
  16. Do I understand the workings of antivirus?
  17. Do I keep ideas on my PC without antivirus?
  18. Should I use commercial operating system software or open source operating system?
  19. Can't I turn on all the control power on the operating system?
  20. Can I detect if someone else wants to access my PC while I am an internet user, that is, can I check myself?
  21. Can I group with another PC if I want to, that is, make a friendship communication connection when I need to share information?
  22. How can I identify if someone touches my PC without letting me know?
  23. Can I access my PC from mobile?
  24. Will I be able to exchange and communicate information from office to home PC or from home to office PC without any hassle?
  25. If someone unjustly attacks my PC, can I stop it?
  26. Can I keep all the data on my PC secret? Can I protect my password and user permissions?
  27. Don't I think it is appropriate and safe to transact money from my PC?
  28. Do I know the commands I need to execute to keep my PC healthy and safe and fast?
  29. Can I keep myself safe and comfortable by customizing the operating system of my choice?
  30. Can I customize and use my antivirus software?




         You know, it is better to do your own work. But many times you need the help of others. Yes, that is why people are social creatures. However, today we will discuss how to apply for your job yourself? How to fill the job application form? How to find an accurate link and apply online?

First of all, job advertisers have some means to follow, such as: - Various magazines, websites, etc.

Newspapers include: Weekly job postings, Prothom Alo, Jugantar etc. We see more or less job advertisements in almost all the newspapers.

Website based ads: The same ads and many more ads are found on websites, such as: Job-Shaker, BD-Jobs, Cyber ​​BD, etc.

After collecting the initial information from these mediums, you need to think about the application process. Of course, the husband is given his initials with the advertisement. It should be understood a few times later. The application can be done online or offline. If you have to apply offline, you have to send the information form of the candidate through post office / courier service. At the end there is a link which is called web link. For example:

Http: //teletalk/jobform.com or


These are the two types of links. For government jobs it is usually like a link to Teletalk and in the case of private or private companies it may be like dot com or dot bd. And if you do not know the link, then go straight to Google. Search with the original "keyword". The list that will come up in Google, make sure that there is a similarity between the link you are searching for on the subject matter or the description below it.

However, according to the link, the page that will come, you have to take a good look at the page in which category you want to apply for the job? If there is more than one category, then click on the radio button, select and move forward. Here you have to input the correct information, you have while filling the form. If you do not have any information or if you have any doubts, refrain from filling up the form. Complete the work with an experienced person or an expert from a local shop.

Usually birth year, voter ID number, next year there are many mistakes in filling these, so you have to be aware of them. Students are requested to adopt a strategy, which is to copy and paste the SSC or HSC roll and registration number from the Google web base result directly from this webpage by viewing the student's marksheet information from the official data repository. All you have to do is enter your name, parent's name, address, roll, registration, year of birth, etc. on the job form. The image is then given a specific size, such as: 300 pixels multiplied by 300 pixels (100 kilobytes) and scanned by typing your own signature and browsing at a certain place by approximately 300 pixels multiplied by 80 pixels (50 kilobytes). You have to upload. Each organization can give different sizes and sizes, it must be taken seriously. There will be no such thing as one-size ad neiechara mendatari has some form of mandatory fill them. These mandatory forms are marked with * (star) next to the cells which means that the form will not be filled if this cell is not filled. If everything is correct in the mentioned job advertisement, then by clicking on the Next button, the complete form will be displayed in front of you in the form of a profile. If all is well, click on the submit button. 10 to 15 seconds after the submission, a final page will appear where the print and download will be written. Clicking on the download button will save the file as a soft copy in PDF format inside the computer. Then you can print a hard copy if you want.

Now let's talk about payment. Although you can apply online, there are many people who have problems with payment. Most of the applicants have to run after the application to find out who has a Teletalk SIM or Sure Cash, B-Cash to find these payment methods. There are some organizations that have started filling up the application form with advance payment 72 hours after the last date of payment of the application to be rejected is not complete.

If the payment is successful, one / two short message will be sent to the personal mobile number of the candidate. According to the ID number in that message, you have to send the return message by writing the code number given in the paper mentioned in the advertisement. (The message has to be sent exactly as written by the authority.) If everything is correct, a successful message will be found mentioning ID password. Download and print the entry form from the same website using the password as per the announcement of the specified time and the test center, and the time it will be possible to know about the information.




       Even today's shorts-wearing mobile phone-wielding underage kids know the meaning of freelancer. Free profession Outsourcing is the work done by freelancers independently without being contracted to anyone. Freelancing and outsourcing are the back and forth of the coin. Understanding the meaning of one leads to the understanding of the other.

There is a misconception among many that one cannot become a freelancer if one is not very talented or intelligent. It means nothing like that, students whose roll number is always from 1 to 10 in the class can do freelancing only for them. And the rest are asses. It may not be possible for them to become a freelancer. They have to be forced, garment workers or grocers or any number of other professions. Freelancing outsourcing or mobile related technology jobs or business must be smart business (sophisticated and modern).

A few days ago, many bankers did not know the name of the freelance profession. When opening an account, he frowned and said, "Is this a profession again?"

Nowadays, it is often heard that someone was a humanities student, but computer programming is not a good thing, but he is earning dollars from the internet online. It is also heard that the girls are now sitting at home and earning a good amount of money by freelancing and outsourcing.

In fact, what is the matter here? Why this dilemma, foggy and smoky in this free profession illusion? What is the right training to succeed in the free profession? Fresher’s have hundreds of such questions which they are constantly looking for answers online or offline. In search once they get frustrated and feel hopeless and feel themselves failed and want to get rid of this profession.

Some time life and reality forced him to join any other profession against his choice. In underdeveloped countries, freelancing is defined as being able to earn dollars in any way through the internet online. There is no compulsion to memorize programming code for this. On the other hand, in advanced technology countries, they are considered as outsourcers if they can do quality work on time by other skilled workers, whether they have talent or qualification. People of low technology countries do it and people of advanced technology countries do it. Some are artisans, some are artists. The original sense of the artist is certainly more than that of the craftsman.
Freelancing teaches a few key success factors:

The mindset of starting everything from scratch is to strengthen humanity.
Utilize the necessary tools for better communication.
Creating the humanity of constantly learning something new.
Increase social interaction.
Dealing with problems with great patience and persistence.
Backing up data.
Practice and maintain practice.
Having a regular business plan instead of being a freelancer or freelancer forever.
Having lots of money in hand is actually protecting yourself from making big bad decisions.
Trying to be 99% proficient in any subject of computer and mobile technology.
Keeping a clear and transparent understanding of the means of money transactions.
Use the latest technology to protect your projects.
Try to teach yourself without learning from anyone.
Assessing time.
Finishing any work started.
Being honest and aware of responsibility.
Learning from failure and not making the same mistakes over and over again.
Not imitating or duplicating others.
Regular hardworking mind to retain humanity.
Relying on the power of imagination rather than the power of will.
Love your work with joy. Don't underestimate small tasks.
Accelerating the growth of work results by making work more productive.
Before starting each task, foresee what the outcome will be or may be during the work and at the end of the work.
Acknowledging (identified) any limitations or deficiencies in one's work, competence, skills, technology and taking corrective action immediately.
Have short-term, long-term and lifetime strategic goal setting.
Keeping the mindset of learning as well as earning.
It is unwise (foolish) to switch to another subject until one has acquired complete competence and competence.



1. Give up in frustration.
2.Lack or absence of necessary equipment for technical communication.
3.Having little or no linguistic ability or competence.
4.Not having the minimum knowledge about financial transactions such as dollar, cryptocurrency, banking  payment system, mobile banking, e-commerce, m-commerce, SSL gateway.
5.Lack of proper planning or not being able to properly plan.
6.Being interested in one subject at a time and finally not being able to master any subject completely.
7.Not being aware of the International Global Time Table.

8.Inability to produce quality work output.
9.Staying up at night or getting sick physically and mentally due to overwork.
10.Swimming in the world of the Internet and losing yourself in the wrong way.
11.Doing unimportant purposeless tasks without doing what needs to be done first.
12.Not being able to do the right thing at the right time.
13.Not being honest and aware of one's responsibility.
14.Afraid to work.
15.Accepting failure without trying again and again (thinking that nothing will happen by me).
16.Inability to solve ethical and technical problems for a long time.
17.Inability to work or learn by determining which subjects are in high demand.
18.Lack of a guide liner.
19.Not having the humanity of working in a team or group means having the humanity of working alone.
20.Don't harbor the misconception that you will learn full-time work and then start freelancing.
21.I'm not a science student so I don't think there would be much in computer programming.
22.Afraid to maintain contact with buyers or clients hesitation.